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Celebrate National Sake Day With A Sake Lesson From Akashi-Tai

In honor of National Sake Day and as part of our new Inside the World of Marussia Beverages USA hub-site launch, we had the chance to interview Kimio Yonezawa of…

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135 EAST Gin — Where Eastern Culture Crosses with Western Customs

A gin where eastern culture merges with western customs. 135 EAST Gin is crafted in Hyogo, a prefecture of Japan, in the Kaikyo Distillery. This Japanese…

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Inside The Grappa Glass With Bepi Tosolini

When it comes to Grappa and Liqueur, there are few who can compete with the quality and history of Bepi Tosolini. At just shy of 80 years old, the Italian family business has built a reputation…

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Being Kimio Yonezawa, President and Toji of Akashi Tai Sake Brewery

Nestled on a bustling inlet of the Osaka Bay in Hyogo Prefecture in Southwest Japan, Kimio Yonezawa, President and Toji of the Akashi-Tai Brewery is hard at work on his exceptional Sake. Founded in 1856, the Akashi-Tai brewery has an…

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9 Global Bottles To Add To Your Collection

Looking to spice up your bar collection and give yourself a dose of creativity? Why not upgrade your bottles with some global favorites? We’ve rounded up nine great bottles from our friends at Marussia Beverages USA that hail from all over Europe….

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First Edition Whisky from the Isle of Skye: Torabhaig Legacy 2017 Single Malt

The Torabhaig Legacy Series 2017 is a peated masterpiece, born from tradition, exceptional quality, and a truly unique location. This first-edition bottling of their single malt scotch whisky comes from the second legal distillery built…

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The Sustainable Vodka Brand Making Waves

Since 1953 the village of Koskenkorva in Finland has been making a name for itself in the way it knows best – distilling some of the best vodka possible. Using pure, unfiltered groundwater and northernmost grown barley, the team at Koskenkorva…

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The Line Cognac Lovers Need To Know

Founder Jens Reidar was on a ship bound for the Americas when he found himself working in a small town north of Bordeaux. What was meant to be a short stop over, turned into a life-long passion. Reidar fell in love with a local girl and then fell for cognac itself – the diversity of its soil, and…

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Why buy a box of chocolates when you can make chocolate cocktails instead? Adding a chocolate flavor to cocktails makes for a decadent and delicious dessert-like drink. If you’re celebrating the upcoming holiday with a group of friends, these cocktails from Mozart…

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