To celebrate the launch of his new spirit, INDOGGO, Snoop Dogg challenged bartenders to create a unique cocktail with the strawberry flavored gin.

Bartenders had the opportunity to submit multiple cocktails made using INDOGGO for a chance to win a first-place prize of $5,000 and a special surprise from Snoop Dogg himself. Second prize will be awarded $2,000 and third will receive $1,000.

Judges include Chilled 100 National Director Wendy Hodges, INDOGGO Senior Brand Manager of Prestige Beverage Group Hector Diaz, Cofounder of Trusted Spirits, LLC., Keenan Towns, and Snoop Dogg himself.

  • Nadine Medina – Living Aloha
  • Daniel Friedman – The Fizznit
  • Lauren Pellecchia – Young, Wild, and Free
  • Adam Weaver – It’s T.O.T.E (Too hot to eat)
  • Riane Stanley – Sippin’ on Gin and Treuse
  • Jason Holmes – Parfait, You Say?
  • Lance Bowman – Dank Purple
  • Amin Mozeb – Columbian Breakfast
  • Tim Weigal – Drink It Like It’s Hot
  • Taylor Lax – The Pimp’s Cup
  • Michael Vander Horn – Sweater Bikini
  • Alex Koblan – The Dogg Whistle
  • Daniella Keenan – Gin Makes The Tart Grow Fonder
  • David Leon – Swizzle My Nizzle
  • Zach McGrath – The B-Side
  • Shaun Gordon – Cali Sour
  • Bjorn Taylor – Long Beach Vice
  • Allison Sadauskas – Lavender Lodi Dodi
  • Sally Gatza – Automatic Supersonic
  • Jesse Hubbard – Young, Wild & Free