Everyone’s favorite Cali legend, Snoop Dogg, is bringing his energy to a new field – wine!

Snoop has paired with the award-winning team at 19 Crimes on their newly launched Snoop Cali Red. The new bottle features a unique AR experience that brings Snoop Dogg to life right at your table. This is the first California wine from 19 Crimes, and uses a blend of Lodi-sourced Petite Syrah 65%, Zinfandel 30%, Merlot 5% aged in American oak barrels. The result is a smoky, easy to drink red with notes of vanilla and chocolate. To learn more about the new launch, we spoke with John Wardley, Vice President of Marketing for Treasury Wine Estates.

John Wardley, black and white portrait

John Wardley

The Snoop Cali Red is an exciting addition to the 19 Crimes line, can you tell us about how it came to be? 

When we decided to make our first California wine, it only made sense to partner with the California legend himself. Snoop Dogg, an entertainment and California icon, is the perfect partner and he embodies 19 Crimes spirit of rule breaking, culture creating, and overcoming adversity.

Snoop seems like such a fun and energetic person, was it fun to work with him? 

It was a total blast to work with the Dogg Father himself. Snoop has been a fan of 19 Crimes for many years so he brought excitement, creativity, and spirit into this partnership.

Tell us a little about 19 Crimes donation to the NAACP Legal Fund you guys ran in conjunction with the launch. 

19 Crimes was born from individuals that overcame adversity, and we are proud to support the NAACP in their fight to seek justice for people who are unfairly facing incarceration, for simply expressing the same outrage that we all now feel.

As protests sparked across all 50 states this spring, over 10,000 people were arrested nationwide for participating and breaking curfews. We knew it was time to get involved this spring and show our support for those simply exercising their rights as a US citizen.

The donation was entirely consistent with our 19 Crimes brand values – supporting individuals who overcome adversity and seek redemption. We knew that Snoop also had a strong opinion on this subject and would support our decision to donate to the NAACP.

19 Crimes Snoop Cali Red Bottle on white

19 Crimes – Snoop Cali Red

The new line uses an incredibly interesting new technology on the label, what’s the reaction been like and is it something 19 Crimes will be using again in the future?  

19 Crimes has really pioneered augmented reality (AR) labels. Creating the experience proved to be a feat of creative collaboration, using all of the animation skills at our disposal. We leveraged photographs, videos, and Snoop’s voice to create the virtual CGI avatar of Snoop Dogg that matched the label. The reaction from 19 Crimes and Snoop Dogg fans has been fantastic – who doesn’t want Snoop Dogg to join your dinner table?!

We’ve got some exciting AR innovations coming up that will take Snoop Dogg and our other labels to a whole other dimension that we can’t wait to share.

You recently were announced as #4 in the “Worlds Most Admired Wine Brands,” that must have been an exciting experience, what do you attribute that honor to?

It’s an honor to be mentioned as one of the most admired wine brands. The truth is 19 Crimes continues to defy convention and stands out amongst the crowd again and again. We want to constantly push boundaries and innovate with this brand and we’re lucky that we’ve had some great partners to help us achieve our goals – namely Snoop!