tanduay gold asian rum bottleTANDUAY Distillers, Inc., makers of the world’s second largest selling rum, announced today its official debut in the United States. Produced and long revered in Asia, this award-winning spirit–established in 1854—will be introduced in two expressions: TANDUAY Silver Asian Rum and TANDUAY Gold Asian Rum. Both products will debut in South Florida in July 2013, expanding distribution to Connecticut in August.

[pullquote_right]We have a strong and established name for ourselves in the rum category globally, and we’re proud to be able to expand the legacy and heritage of TANDUAY to U.S. consumers – Lucio K. Tan, Jr., President of TANDUAY Distillers, Inc. Once Americans sample our complex and silky smooth spirit, we’re certain they will understand the intrigue that is Asian rum.”[/pullquote_right]

Established in the Philippines, TANDUAY Asian Rum is produced from world famous Negros Sugarcane, a descendant of the original heritage Asian canes dating back to the first millennium B.C. Distilled through a world-class five-column process, TANDUAY is artfully crafted from a blend of individual rums, each of which contributes to the character and complexity making it the ideal base spirit for today’s cocktails.

tanduay silver asian rum bottle“Re-positioning the brand for a US and international audience was challenging but rewarding work. The quality of the liquid demanded a premium approach, and the underdevelopment of the Rum category at the premium plus price segment left a gap which Tanduay Asian Rum can uniquely fill,” shared Steve Raye, Brand Action Team Managing Partner of Brand Action Team.

TANDUAY Silver is aged for up to 5 years in charred oak barrels prior to blending and filtering, boasting a palate of coconut with hints of custard. TANDUAY Gold is a blend of rums aged up to 7 years and presents flavors of vanilla and tropical fruits.

To find the latest updates on TANDUAY Asian Rum’s arrival visit www.TanduayUSA.com.