Evan Williams Bourbon recently launched Evan Williams Apple, the newest addition to the fast-growing Evan Williams Flavors portfolio.

The world’s second best-selling bourbon marries with the crisp taste of green apples for a delicious flavor experience.

A natural fit for the Evan Williams Flavors lineup, apple has seen heightened success across the brown spirits category as the flavor surpasses honey in popularity, according to IWSR. As the flavored whiskey category has continued to expand, both established flavors like honey and newer entrants like apple are propelling the segment to nearly 10 million nine-liter cases, showing that flavored whiskeys are still a key growth opportunity. The addition of Evan Williams Apple rounds out the flavor offerings within the Evan Williams flavors franchise, providing retailers an opportunity to build on the franchise success, as evidenced by Evan Williams Honey, which grew at seven percent over the last 12 months.

Mirroring the rest of the Flavors line, Evan Williams Apple is bottled at 70 proof. Evan Williams Apple is “picked fresh” and “poured smooth” as a simple mixer in cocktails or refreshing on its own over ice. On the nose, the expression is crisp and green apple-forward with bourbon behind. The taste is juicy sweet apple with hints of caramel and light spice, and it has a long, smooth finish of a green apple and bourbon blend.

“Evan Williams Apple is an approachable flavor that stays true to the quality of Evan Williams Bourbon and personality of the brand. We look forward to bringing in new consumers to the Evan Williams franchise, as well as giving our current consumers more choice.”
– Julie Cole, Evan Williams Brand Manager

Evan Williams Apple, bottle on white

Evan Williams Apple

Evan Williams Apple will be supported by the “Picked Fresh. Poured Smooth” tagline, as well as a dedicated media program and point-of-sale products throughout summer 2019. Available in 750ml and 50ml sizes, Evan Williams Apple is priced in line with the flavors family at $14.99.