Balcones Distilling recently announced the launch of its Texas Pot Still Bourbon as the newest addition to their core expression lineup.

Following the celebration of the brand’s 10th anniversary last year, Balcones is expanding its prestigious roster of whiskies with the launch of a new year-round straight bourbon whiskey.

Distilled in their Forsyth pot stills and aged for 24 months in new charred oak barrels, Balcones Texas Pot Still Bourbon is bottled at 92 proof and features a mash bill of roasted blue corn, Texas wheat, Texas rye and malted barley. Staying true to their tradition of creating expressions layered with flavor and using unique grain combinations, Texas Pot Still Bourbon offers superior quality, complexity and character within a familiar bourbon flavor profile.

“Texas Pot Still Bourbon is about inclusivity. We wanted to create something that both long-time Balcones enthusiasts and people who are experiencing us for the first time can appreciate. By delivering flavor complexity within an approachable taste profile, we can introduce more people to the nuance of what we do.”
– Jared Himstedt, Balcones Distilling Head Distiller

Texas Pot Still Bourbon bottle and glass on wood table

Texas Pot Still Bourbon

The bourbon boasts opening aromas of Honeycrisp apples, kettle corn and graham cracker. On the palate, it delivers honey, sweet cream and candied pecans and finishes soft and sweet with a tannic fade and lingering spice. This new expression joins other award-winning special release bourbons from Balcones including Blue Corn Bourbon, Wheated Bourbon and High Rye Bourbon, which have been produced exclusively in small batches in the past.

Makers of the first legally sold Texas-made whiskey since Prohibition, Balcones has become one of the most recognized and acclaimed craft whiskey distillers in the world, earning more than 350 awards, including Innovator of the Year and Master Distiller of the Year at the 2019 Icons of Whisky America Awards. Texas Pot Still Bourbon is available year-round beginning in Texas, Florida and California for a suggested retail price of $29.99.