If you want to mix up some quality tequila cocktails at home or are looking for an affordable bottle that still tastes good, you’re in the right place.

We asked nine bartenders from across the country about their picks for the best well tequila. Take their advice the next time you’re shopping for the agave spirit.

Exotico Blanco Tequila ($15 for 750mL)

“We offer one that’s slightly upscale to your basic well. Exotico, the San Francisco World Spirit Competition Gold Medal Winner in 2016, is made with 100 percent Blue Weber agave. It tastes good, yet [it’s] not too strong to overpower a good Margarita.” – Maggie Canfield and Chase Mendoza, Red Dunn Kitchen

Exotico Blanco Tequila, bottle on white

Exotico Blanco Tequila

Casamigos Blanco ($44 for 750mL)

“My go-to is Casamigos Blanco. While it costs a little more than most wells, the quality and taste is amazing for the price, and my guests are always impressed that they’re getting a top-shelf brand as a standard. I’ve never had anyone refuse it when they see what I’m pouring.” – Nico Szymanski, Mr. Purple

Casamigos Blanco, bottle on white

Casamigos Blanco

Lunazul Blanco ($18 for 750mL)

“Lunazul Blanco has my vote. It’s bright and round with a balanced, fresh agave finish that makes it perfect for utilizing in cocktails.” – Sally Gatza, L.A. Jackson

“I like Lunazul Blanco. It’s 100 percent Blue Agave without neutral grain spirit additives. It’s also unaged and a nice 80 proof, which makes it easily mixable. And the price point is great, too, at around $20 or less for a bottle.” – Joshua Pike, 8UP

Lunazul Blanco, bottle on white

Lunazul Blanco

Tequila Cimarrón Blanco ($21 for 1L)

“Cimarrón. It’s a long neck bottle, so it’s easy to pull. It’s one liter, so you get more pours from it, and it’s the best-tasting 100 percent agave tequila for the price.” – Joe Tangney, Hot Tin

Cimarrón Blanco, bottle on white

Cimarrón Blanco

Espolòn Blanco ($23 for 750mL)

“I really love working with Espolòn Blanco. It’s great juice for the price. This tequila is delicate and floral, with hints of lemon zest and pepper. It has a light- to medium-bodied palate with a sweet agave flavor that blends really well in cocktails. Use it in a Margarita or drink it straight if you’re up for it!” – Bobby Gilardi, Ariete

Espolòn Blanco, bottle on white

Espolòn Blanco

Tequila Arette Suave Blanco ($53 for 750mL)

“My personal preference for a well tequila is Arette Blanco. It has wonderful notes of herbs and citrus, with a crispness (like green apples) and subtle dryness. I feel Arette has an overall balance that can contribute nicely to anything you might want to create. Whether in the well or on your back bar, it is definitely a bottle you should have in your arsenal.” – Colin Overett, Union Lodge No.1

Tequila Arette Suave Blanco, bottle on white

Tequila Arette Suave Blanco

el Jimador Silver ($18)

“We use el Jimador Silver because the quality is incredible. Also, the price is ridiculous and an insane value for all el Jimador products across the board.” – Jack Keane, Sundry and Vice

el Jimador Silver, bottle on white

el Jimador Silver