The Margarita is one of the most popular cocktails for a reason.

With a balanced, tangy flavor profile, it’s pretty much the perfect drink when made correctly. While fresh lime juice and just the right amount of agave nectar are key to making it right, the tequila you choose can also make or break the cocktail. If you want to make the perfect Margarita at home, you can’t go wrong with these eight excellent tequilas.

Roca Patrón Silver ($66)

Patrón’s Roca line of tequilas is solely made using the tahona, which is a two-ton volcanic stone wheel that crushes the cooked agave. This classic method gives its blanco tequila an earthy, sweet flavor with notes of pumpkin, cooked agave, and black pepper. Shake a few basil leaves with the rest of your Margarita ingredients to give this version a bright, herbal bite.

Roca Patrón Silver, bottle on white

Roca Patrón Silver

Bandero Blanco Tequila ($33)

This newly awarded tequila is packaged with a leather-bound canteen to give it an old-world look that we love. It is twice distilled and uses Blue Weber agave from the hills of the Los Altos Highlands in Mexico. Bandero’s rich, fruity notes of pear and peach make it the perfect match for a spicy jalapeño Margarita.

Bandero, bottle cask on white

Bandero Blanco Tequila

Pueblo Viejo Blanco Tequila ($17)

Pueblo Viejo Blanco is a tried-and-true classic and an absolute steal for the price. The brand has been making tequila since 1886, and it still does things the old-fashioned way. Its blanco expression has a pleasant spice on the tongue with a fruity, citrus flavor that works wonderfully in a classic Margarita with lime juice and agave nectar.

Pueblo Viejo Blanco Tequila, bottle on white

Pueblo Viejo Blanco Tequila

Espolòn Blanco ($23)

This well-awarded tequila is one of our favorites for its sleek bottle, smooth flavor, and great price. It is made using both column and pot stills to give it balanced tasting notes of pepper, vanilla bean, and grilled pineapple. Its slightly spicy finish makes it the perfect choice to mix up a bolder Margarita.

Espolòn Blanco, bottle on white

Espolòn Blanco

123 Organic Tequila Blanco ($45)

123 Organic Tequilas are made from 100 percent organic agave plants that are hand-harvested and roasted for almost two days before pressing. This blanco expression is earthy and citrusy with a punchy herbal character that’s downright irresistible. We suggest mixing this Margarita with just a touch of freshly squeezed orange juice to give it a bright, fresh flavor.

123 Organic Tequila, bottle on white

123 Organic Tequila

Casa Noble Crystal ($36)

Casa Noble is known for being one of the smoothest tequilas on the market, which makes its Crystal expression an excellent choice for the classic Margarita. The tequila is triple distilled to make it extra balanced and easy to drink with notes of honey, buttery cooked agave, and citrus on the palate. It mixes an impressive Margarita for any occasion.

Casa Noble Crystal, bottle on white

Casa Noble Crystal

Azuñia Blanco Tequila ($35)

This USDA-certified organic tequila is handcrafted in the valleys of Jalisco, where it is fermented in open-air vats and bottled on-site. Floral notes hit the nose before it opens up to flavors of lemon and tropical fruit on the palate. Mix it in a Margarita with Azuñia’s 100% Agave Syrup for an extra-delicious cocktail.

Azuñia Blanco Tequila, bottle on white

Azuñia Blanco Tequila

Hiatus Blanco ($48)

Hiatus Tequila is distilled at La Cofradia, a distillery on the outskirts of Tequila, Mexico, that has been producing the spirit for more than 50 years. It sits on the edge of an extinct volcano, so its porous foundation is a natural filter for the spring water used to make Hiatus. This blanco expression is bursting with fresh grassy and rich tropical fruit notes that shine in a classic Margarita.

Hiatus Blanco, bottle on white

Hiatus Blanco