You are likely aware of how important honey bees are to the environment.

If there were no bees, there would also be no fruits, vegetables or herbs to enjoy and keep humanity alive. We know it sounds bleek, but it’s the truth, which is why we’re so excited to support the latest initiative from Aberfeldy Scotch. In celebration of National Honey Bee Day on August 17, Aberfeldy has teamed with more than 20 bars across the United States on their “Adopt-a-Bee” cocktail program. For every drink purchased, Aberfeldy will donate 12 bees to hives at local honey bee conservancies, like Tremblay Apiaries in New York.

American-Whiskey Aberfeldy Mint Honey

American Whiskey Aberfeldy Mint Honey

Each participating bar has created a cocktail that features Aberfeldy 12-Year-Old scotch and honey from a local bee farm. The initiative is part of the brand’s global Barrels and Bees program, which works with local beekeepers to feature their honey as the main ingredient in signature cocktails. Participating cities for this year’s National Honey Bee Day event include Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco. If you find yourself in any of these cities come August 17, make sure to pop into one of the below bars, order the listed specialty cocktail and help save the bees.

Jams Barrels and Bees

Jams Barrels and Bees


Contigo: Hive Minded

CU29 Cocktail Bar: Honey! I’m A Pink Lady

Drink.Well: Golden Dram

Half Step: Bee Keeper

Nickel City: Bees in the Trap

Odd Duck: Summertime Blues

Roaring Fork Downtown Austin: Blues Bee

Seven Grand: Queen Bee Collins


Spilt Milk: Aberfeldy Chestnut


HG Sply Co: Revive the Hive


JW Marriott Houston: Shortbread Sweet Tea

Los Angeles

Big Bar: I Love You, Una Bear

New York City

American Whiskey: Aberfeldy Mint & Honey

Hold Fast: Aberfeldy Iced Toddy

Jams at 1 Hotel Central Park: Barrels and Bees

Lobby Bar at The Williamsburg Hotel: Seasons in the Sun

The Hunterian: Aberfeldy Highland Smash

The-Williamsburg Hotel Seasons in the Sun

The-Williamsburg Hotel Seasons in the Sun

San Francisco

Bar Laszlo: The Song Remains the Same

Coin Op: Honey Highball

Drexl: Choose your own Honey Highball

Foreign Cinema: Honey Highball

The Beehive: Golden Dram

The Miranda: Aberfeldy Gold Rush