1800® Tequila is launching the eighth edition of the Essential 1800® Artist Series featuring the contemporary artwork of artist Enoc Perez.

Founded as a means to showcase art in a non-traditional medium, each year the series presents a new discussion around the crucial link between art and culture, as told through the work of cultural vanguards such as Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat. This year, through Perez, the spotlight shifts to cities as cultural epicenters and breeding grounds for edgy yet refined style.

Born the son of an art critic, Enoc spent his childhood traveling the world’s cities and museums, learning not only of the unique creativity each city produced, but of the urban ethos that inspired it. He came to admire iconic structures as exemplars of local ambition and optimism. As this optimism faded over the years, Perez has sought to revive it through vibrant paintings of modern architecture that are an homage to the buildings, but more importantly, to the energy, sentiment and local culture that inspired them.

1800® Tequila Artist Series

1800® Tequila Artist Series

These cities’ art communities have in turn responded, with his architectural paintings exhibited in the Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York, The Whitney Museum of American Art, the British Museum, the Yale University Art Gallery, the Rhode Island School of Design and many more galleries across the world. It is through this shared desire to celebrate urban culture and ethos, as well as dedication to hard work, passion and honesty in the crafts of both painting and tequila-making, that 1800 Tequila and Enoc decided to partner on Essential Artist Series 8 and adorn 1800’s own modernist structure – the iconic pyramid bottle – with his unique cultural vision.

Enoc and 1800 Tequila have together selected six artworks, each capturing a unique structure of six major cities, to be featured on the bottle series: the U.N. Building in NYC, a California shoe store in La Habana, the Alma Bank in Atlanta, the Swiss RE headquarters in London, the Marina Towers in Chicago and the Crystal House in Miami.

“A lot of painters paint to question the medium, but I’m one of those who really believes in painting. When I was approached by 1800 Tequila, I felt a connection to it by way of the three values on each bottle’s crest: work, passion and honesty. It is through these exact same values that I remain true to my artistic self and my creative origins, and to painting as a medium and means to capture culture. That said, art cannot exist without innovation, and the bottle provides an exciting and contemporary means for me to share art as cultural commentary.”
– Enoc Perez

Each Essential Artist Series 8 bottle holds the signature 1800 Silver tequila. Made from 100% blue agave, it is double-distilled, and a special selection of white tequilas is blended together for added complexity and character.

This special-limited edition 1800 Essential Artist Series featuring Enoc Perez (750ml/40% ABV) will be available at liquor stores in select markets beginning March 2017 for $34.

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