Sustainability is becoming more than just a buzzword in the hospitality industry.

More and more restaurants, bars, and bartenders are thinking as much about the carbon footprint of what they serve their drinks in as what they’re putting into their cocktails.

And given that over 150 billion plastic straws and stirrers are thrown away yearly, that’s what Drynkware has been betting on.

The indie barware brand, which Alyssa and Daniel Ryley founded in 2015, is changing the way people are stirring their cocktails. The Colorado-based company’s metal stirrers, which are designed in-house, come in a variety of shapes and styles. The stirrers are designed in-house and can also make custom stirrers for your corporate event, wedding, high-school reunion, or any other function.

“The stirrers are great conversation pieces, creating organic chatter away from traditional business communication channels. They are also highly desirable, creating demand and visibility for companies or marketing materials that customers want to actually keep. Our stirrers are highly sustainable, helping bars, restaurants, and hotels in the fight to keep billions of plastic cocktail stirrers out of landfills and oceans each year.”
– Daniel Ryley, Co-Founder of Drynkware