With the new year around the corner, a London startup company has created a low ABV botanical blend for those who are looking to moderate their drinking and calorie intake.

In recent years, people have been moving toward a healthier lifestyle and have a desire to know exactly what is going into their bodies.

MARY by Illogical Drinks Bottle

MARY by Illogical Drinks

ILLOGICAL DRINKS, an alcohol company based in the UK, has released MARY to the public. This delicious blend is made from four drink experts, who sustainably source garden herbs for a fresh taste with fewer calories.

MARY by Illogical Drinks Cocktails

MARY by Illogical Drinks Cocktails

Mary is the first low calorie but low alcohol blend on the market. It allows for non-excessive drinking but doesn’t force the consumers to give up alcohol completely. For a 25ml pour, there are just 9 calories with a 6% ABV. It would take the consumption of six Mary and Tonics to equal a regular Gin and Tonic.

The sophisticated dry taste comes from plants including basil, thyme, and sage. The drink has a lighter touch on the body and mind because it doesn’t carry the heavy effects of a traditional spirit. Mary is also vegan, sugar-free, and zero carb.

Green Mary, cocktail on tray, garnishes

Green Mary

“There are a lot of pressures in today’s world. People are making lifestyle changes – including what they are drinking. So far, many new drink options are focused on zero alcohol, but not everyone wants to become teetotallers or have a full-strength drink. Some people want to simply moderate how much alcohol they put into their bodies and balance their lifestyle – but most of all they want to feel good about their choices. We made Mary, a drink you can feel good about by being lighter on you and on the world,” says Eric Sampers, Managing Director of ILLOGICAL DRINKS and former Pernod Ricard Beefeater Gin Brand Director.

The packaging for Mary is 100% recyclable and the company is trying to use as little plastic as possible. ILLOGICAL DRINKS has made an effort from the beginning to ensure they are producing a responsibly made drink with a premium taste.

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Green Mary, cocktail on tray, garnishes

Green Mary

Green Mary


2 oz. MARY

2/3 oz. Fresh Lemon

2/3 oz. Orgeat Almond Syrup

1 Lime Leaf

Egg White or Alternative like Better Bitters Miraculous Foamer

Preparation: Add all ingredients into a shaker, give what is called a dry shake (shaking with no ice) then add the ice and give a good shake before straining into a nick & nora glass (or a stem glass of your choice) you will see a beautiful silky texture and foamy head of the cocktail. Garnish with a lime leaf.