Kahlúa is giving you a reason to pour a cup of coffee at 5 p.m. — but not in your average way.

The brand launched a brand-new flavor, Kahlúa Blonde Roast Style, and labeled it the “Drink Drink” of the holiday.

Kahlúa Blonde Roast Style, bottle on white

Kahlúa Blonde Roast Style

Kahlúa is encouraging all the coffee lovers to reach for this blonde roast when happy hour hits. It’s made with a medium roast coffee and has swirls of caramel, toffee, and citrus flavors. This new release caters to their consumers desires for lighter and refreshing coffee cocktails.

Check out the cocktail recipes include the Kahlúa Blonde Roast Style coffee liqueur.

Coco Blonde


  • 2 parts Kahlúa Blonde Roast Style
  • 4 parts of coconut water

Preparation: Build over ice in rocks or highball glass

Blonde Tonic 


  • 2 parts Kahlúa Blonde Roast Style
  • 5 parts of tonic water

Preparation: Build over ice, in rocks or highball glass. Garnish with a lemon wedge.