Nestled in the northern part of Texas is the cowboy city of Fort Worth, where cattle drives still thrive, bulls rule the pastures, rodeos are deemed popular, light beer is everywhere, and ranches surround the inner city.

But while all that is going on, there is growth and hype surrounding the local craft brewing scene, with 11 breweries situated within and nearby the city. This culture is thriving, and the list of breweries is increasing each year as the demand for great beer intensifies.

Local craft beer enthusiasts and those seeking to broaden their horizons are excited for the expansion and what the future holds. Now, visitors from the area and throughout the country can explore the list of breweries by getting tickets to the Fort Worth Ale Trail. This trail leads people through the breweries in Fort Worth, as well as a few set outside the city limits.

Fort Worth Ale Trail Brewery Passport

Fort Worth Ale Trail Brewery Passport

Breweries on the trail include The Collective Brewing Project, Shannon Brewing Company, HopFusion Ale Works, Rahr & Sons Brewing, Panther Island Brewing, Fort Brewery & Pizza, Rabbit Hole Brewing, Martin House Brewing Company, Revolver Brewing, and Wild Acre Brewing Company. Each ticket offers one flight per brewery, which enables people to try four to five 4-ounce pours. Most people opt to journey through the trail over the course of two or three days or even a couple of weekends.

One of the first stops on the list is The Collective Brewing Project, which specializes in wild and sour ales. Its beers are brewed with wild yeast and bacteria that give them funky aromas and flavors that taste delicious once you get used to them. Wooden barrels span the brewery’s landscape, with shiny fermenters, bottles, and board games filling up the spaces in between.

HopFusion Ale Works, beer in glass on table

HopFusion Ale Works

The next brewery, Hop Fusion Ale Works, is located about a half a mile away and has a modern look and vibe. This brewery provides an array of different colored beers, ranging from the lightest of day to the darkest of night. One beer in particular, Feisty Blonde, is a blond ale with an ABV of 8.6 percent, but its strength is deceiving because the honey and floral aromas give it a subtle, smooth flavor that makes you keep going back for more—that is, until you hit the floor.

Martin House Brewing is another intriguing stop, as it conjures unique styles and flavors with at least one that will appeal to even the most novice of beer drinkers. They have a few sour beers as well as a couple of barrel-aged beers that supply a diversity of flavors and aromas, including oak, bourbon, caramel, toffee, plums, and more.

Situated on the northern end of the Fort Worth Ale Trail is Irish-inspired brewery Shannon Brewing Company. Here, you not only find a variety of color spectrums from a light-hued Kölsch to a coffee-colored stout, but even fruit-inspired brews like Blackberry Crystal Wheat, Pow Pow Purple (a blackberry sour), Peach Wheat, and Lemonade Shandy.