51. Oh geez… Click here to purchase


52. These hand painted little guys from the “Neatoshop” are hilarious and fun to use, these zombies enjoy beer instead of brains and are more than happy to aid you in the process of decanting your favorite beers.


53. Or get this one, if you so desire. They’re undead, they don’t mind who you choose


54. They were being mindful of convenience with this one. A USB drive that doubles as an opener is great for traveling and you’ll be less likely to lose your bottle opener because that would also mean losing your files. Get yourself a 16GB one for around $40.00.


55. ‘Merica! Whenever people see it, they have to pick it up and look at it. The bullet remains intact while the cartridge has been notched for a heavy-duty bottle opener.


56. This charming opener is sure to bring back memories of playing with these guys in the yard or around the house, now they’re back to participate in the mission of getting your beer open!


57. You’ve undoubtedly seen one of these compact and slick openers, coming in at just a little bigger than an average credit card, you can keep these in your wallet with your other most important items. Having a cool bottle opener that goes everywhere you do sure can come in handy and pulling out a metal ace of spades will also make you look pretty cool.


58. Think of all the important keys your ring contains and now imagine the addition of “the key to beer” sitting alongside your house key. These creepy, old-time skeleton keys make it easy to differentiate it from the pack.


59. One cannot deny the awesomeness of this wall mounted bottle opener from Olvera Woodworks. Even if you’re not a fan of Breaking Bad, it’s hard not to appreciate the tasteful- yet menacing wood design. This is a magnetic mounted bottle opener with a magnetic cap catch.


60. Show everyone you mean business with an Expendables logo bottle opener. This is one bad bottle opener, which has been officially licensed and is being sold by Diamond Select Toys. This manly bottle opener also is a magnet and comes in a cool collector’s box.


61. If you want to add a little flamboyancy to your opener experience, there is always the faux brass knuckle opener. These flashy and menacing openers from Ink Correct will certainly draw attention and come in all sorts of designs.


62. This is definitely a cool opener, one of my favorites. Whip this thing out and go through the flashy one-handed method of opening this thing like a pro and you will certainly draw a crowd. Don’t know how to open it the professional way? No worries, they have a few entertaining videos on their website to get you started. www.Lagunitas.com


63. These awesome openers will have you performing moves such as the “Plancha,” “Tornillo” or even a “Huracán rana” on your bottle tops. Pick from a variety of positions and colors, or select all 3 and maybe have a wrestling match as you drink your beer. These openers from Kikkerland will certainly keep you entertained.


64. Or this one!


65. The Shark Bottle Opener is perfect for any party. Great conversation starter! Walnut wood, hand-carved, about 7″ long.


66. Show your beer drinking buddies what a fan you are with one of these bad boys. This officially licensed Lucas film collectible from ThinkGeek.com is made from heavy zinc alloy and would impress Mr. Lucas himself. Here’s a quote from their website:

“Whether you’ve got a cantina that rivals Mos Eisley’s or just a fridge in the back of your ship, this Millennium Falcon-shaped bottle opener is perfect for the Han Solo in all of us! It’s no piece of junk, either. She looks good and she’s got it where it counts. Like Chewie, it’s a faithful companion that’ll open hard bottles for us and be by our side even if we drop our shipments at the first sign of an Imperial cruiser.”

Geek or not, these things are really cool.


67. These are really awesome for any sports fan; get yourself a bottle opener made from a real baseball bat from your favorite team (depending on availability). Handmade from authentic game-day bats swung by Major Leaguers and gift boxed with a story card with instructions regarding its special hologram number. Plug in that number on the “Uncommon Goods” website to learn which game the bat was used in.


68. When you’re wondering “Where did all of my money go?” This great money clip beer opener will be there to remind you!


69. You can’t go wrong with Darth


70. Another great addition from Milwaukee


71. Now your mustache can do more than just attract the ladies. Click here to purchase

72. Grow your collection of Star Wars based opener memorabilia


73. Western up your beer drinking experience


74. Use some flip flops, if that’s your kind of thing!


75. How about a Minecraft inspired opener? We hear it’s all the rage these days


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