Located in Fort Collins, Colorado, is the ever-famous, employee-owned brewery New Belgium Brewing.

New Belgium has been supplying the world with fine brews since 1991, and its most famous beer, Fat Tire, is a popular choice among both new craft beer drinkers and veterans alike. The brewery also offers seasonal delights, a Voodoo Ranger series, a Belgian collection, barrel-aged brews, and mouth-puckering sours.

Now, with the enlightened cannabis industry booming to great heights all around the surrounding area, New Belgium has decided to show its support and involvement within the cannabis community with its new release, Hemporer HPA. This beer is brewed up using a special method of recreating hemp terpene flavors in the beer, along with hemp seeds and a load of hoppy goodness, with a goal to spread awareness, as well as help support the legalization of industrial hemp throughout the United States.

The Hemperor HPA, bottle and glass

The Hemperor HPA

Photo Courtesy of New Belgium Brewing

The initial opening of the bottle erupted aromas into the surrounding air and was reminiscent of walking straight into a Colorado dispensary, with a dank, skunking smell that seemed to almost give an illusionary contact high (Quick note: This beer doesn’t contain any THC).

After pouring the HPA in a glass, it presented a clear, light-golden color with a foamy head that retained quite well. As the beer warmed and the dank aroma settled, it began to present aromas of roasted wood and resin characters along with notes of citrus and floral hops and lemon peel.

Each sip was a dive into a complexity of mingled flavors of hop resin, ruby red grapefruit, and a slight smoky character with an overall sweetness that complemented the moderate bitterness profile and gave a great balanced, smooth finish that left the palate dry and desiring more.