There are few names more ubiquitous in the drinks world than Zing Zang.

The line has quickly become the go-to mixer of professional bartenders and at-home drinkers alike. While they first gained their fame from their award winning Bloody Mary mix, the line has grown to offer a range of mixes and now, they’re branching into the RTD category. We had the chance to catch up with Brent Albertson, CEO of Zing Zang, to learn more about the launch. 

Zing Zang RTD Bloody Mary, cocktail and can on white

Zing Zang RTD Bloody Mary

Congrats on the new launch! Are you excited to be moving into this new category?   

Thank you. We are all very excited and know that consumers really want great spirit based RTD cocktails from a trusted name like Zing Zang using all-natural ingredients in our mix.

The Bloody Mary was an obvious choice, how did your team decide on the other two flavors?  

Yes, we make the #1 Bloody Mary Mix in the USA so that was easy. We also make the fastest growing premium Margarita Mix with a unique all natural three-citrus juice blend & Margaritas are #1 cocktail so that was another obvious choice. Last year we re-launched our Sweet & Sour, Daiquiri, and Pina Colada mix made with all-natural ingredients as well. All make great drinks, but the real story is that one of our Zing Zang HQ “go-to” internal happy hour favorites is the Bourbon Sour. We fill a rocks glass with ice, drizzle 3 Luxardo cherries on top, add 2 shots of Bulleit Bourbon and fill the glass with Zing Zang Sweet & Sour Mix. This is the most amazing Bourbon Sour!! Customers and distributors agreed wholeheartedly, so we modeled our Bourbon Whiskey Sour after that Zing Zang HQ happy hour favorite, and with the explosive growth of the bourbon category we’re confident people will be excited to try it too!

Zing Zang RTD Whiskey Sour, cocktail and can on white

Zing Zang RTD Whiskey Sour

Can we expect to see any additions to the RTD line in the future?

We have some formulas that we really think are fantastic drinks using our current mixer line. We are known for bold mixers with all-natural ingredients, so we think there are lots of options to offer consumers full strength bartender quality cocktails in the convenience of a can.

Do you expect the RTD market to continue after the end of Covid?

Yes, for sure. Consumers want choices and a variety of premium options from trusted Brands. Some still like to mix their own and create their own masterpiece, depending on the occasion, but many want a great cocktail without the hassle of buying and opening a full bottle of liquor, a full bottle of mix and cutting fruit or vegetables for garnish. The key is to make what they want, a real premium full strength mixed drink!

We heard that you’ve been considering your RTD’s as something that helps Bartenders, not replaces them, can you tell us a little bit about how you’ve envisioned that?

Zing Zang was built in bars and restaurants across America by bartenders that discovered Zing Zang’s complex array of ingredients and 7 vegetable juices. They were not only loyal, but instrumental in helping us spread the word in the drinks industry. Our RTD’s are made with that same legendary mix and are a perfect way for operators to offer great, consistent, full strength drinks on their takeout menus when a need for low costs and contact free cocktail options is critical to helping rebuild their businesses.

Zing Zang RTD Margarita, cocktail and can on white

Zing Zang RTD Margarita

What has the customer reaction been to the addition of the Zing Zang RTD’s been? 

We are just getting started but so far feedback is terrific. Like everyone in the industry, we are really excited to get resorts, casinos, golf courses and all of on premise back to full swing.  Our grocery and liquor retail partners love the idea of convenience and on the go so our 4pks with cans available to sell as singles are perfect for that.  And because our offerings offer differentiation from the seltzer sea of sameness with Real Bartender Quality full strength RTD’s, we are a great fit for all channel opportunities, including the on-premise.