Following the successful launch of their signature rosé in spring of 2018, Yes Way Rosé announces a new wine release, Yes Way Rosé Bubbles, now available in stores just in time for the holiday season.

Like Yes Way Rosé’s first wine, the inaugural sparkling rosé from the female-founded lifestyle brand is made in the south of France using classic winemaking methods and is imported by Prestige Beverage Group.

Nikki Huganir and Erica Blumenthal, pink dots

Nikki Huganir and Erica Blumenthal

Photo by Sara Kerens

With YWR Bubbles, co-founders Nikki Huganir and Erica Blumenthal set out to make a special wine to pop whether celebrating momentous occasions or everyday triumphs. The duo worked with French winemakers to perfect the crisp and effervescent, 100% Grenache dry sparkling wine that epitomizes everything they love about rosé bubbly (aka bubblé). The pink sparkler features complex notes of white flowers, fresh stone fruit, and citrus along with refined, long-lasting bubbles. The stylish bottle, designed by Nikki, showcases their bold logo overlaid with pink polka dotted bubbles in the signature Yes Way Rosé shade of blush.
A match for sweet and savory flavors alike, Yes Way Rosé Bubbles pairs with everything from crudité to soufflé.

Yes Way Rosé Bubbles, rose and champagne bottles on pink

Yes Way Rosé Bubbles

Central to Yes Way Rosé is its celebration of relationships between friends and how the brand encourages anyone who thinks pink to embrace rosé with a sense of humor and playfulness. Best friends themselves since childhood, co-founders Blumenthal and Huganir met growing up in Baltimore. Sharing a background in fashion, Erica was previously a Styles section columnist for The New York Times and Nikki served as an in-house graphic designer and art director at Madewell and T: The New York Times Style magazine. The two applied their respective backgrounds to the @YesWayRose Instagram account they co-created in 2013, launched originally as a hobby and creative outlet to share their love for rosé wine.

Yes Way Rosé’s passionate following grew quickly thanks to their fresh voice, modern aesthetic, and a case of good timing as rosé sales were booming nationwide. Blumenthal and Huganir soon introduced their own rosé-focused home goods and apparel, and in March of 2018, added their first wine, the Yes Way Rosé signature rosé.

Yes Way Rosé Bubbles retails at $14.99.

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