Introducing Finalist Cocktail #3 of Van Gogh Vodka’s revolutionary competition!

After six weeks the Grand Final will bring professionals and home bartenders together live on October 25th at 5 pm to announce each winner.

Home Bartender Submission

Vanilla Espresso

Vanilla Espresso

Vanilla Espresso Affogato


  • 2 oz. Van Gogh Double Espresso Vodka
  • 1 1/2 oz. Fresh Espresso (vanilla flavored or regular) – I used Nespresso Vanilla
  • 1 oz. of a sweet-leaning Amaro – I used Amaro delle Sirene by Don Ciccio & Figli
  • small scoop of Vanilla Gelato

Preparation: Prepare the espresso. Ideally, serve from a home machine directly into a cup of chilled whiskey stones or metal ice cubes to chill the espresso without diluting it. Combine the espresso, vodka, and amaro in a shaker with ice. Place the gelato in the bottom of the glass (this may be done in advance and placed in the freezer), then top with the shaken cocktail. Serve with Biscoff cookies.

Adam Bauer, headshot with cocktail

Adam Bauer

Story: “I wanted to do something different from the typical espresso martini, and I recently had a delicious affogato (espresso over ice cream) that I thought would translate easily to a cocktail. Rather than approach this as a sweet drink or liquid dessert, I added the amaro to create a more complex and savory experience. The drink will begin very intensely – strong, coffee-forward, and herbal thanks to the vodka and amaro. As the gelato melts and combines, it will gradually sweeten and finish creamy and decadent.

Bio: Adam Bauer is a partner in a global consulting firm by day, and an avid home mixologist by night. He developed a love of cocktails over many years of business travel to cities across the globe. During the 2020 pandemic, Adam has directed his recovered travel time to home mixology, undertaking a project to mix and share a new cocktail every day through Instagram. Adam enjoys biking and skiing when the seasons permit, and reading horror and suspense novels (with a good drink in hand, of course). He lives in the Dallas, Texas area.

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