The World is full of eclectic, interesting and sometimes bizarre people. The same goes for alcohol. We’ve chosen five of the strangest drinks from around the world. Some are based on history and tradition and serve a purpose while others are just downright strange.

1. Kvass

This Russian drink, commonly consumed during the summer months, consists of fermented black or rye bread. The overall color of the drink depends on the color of the bread itself. Technically it’s not considered an alcoholic drink because the final product is usually only around 1% alcohol. It makes this list because it’s a drink made from bread that is almost as popular in Russia as vodka. Now, that’s just strange.

2. Pulque

Tequila, one of the most well-known spirits in the world is made from the agave plant. But, did you know that Mexicans also imbibe a drink called pulque that is made from the fermented sap of the agave? Common in central Mexico, this murky, milky drink traces its roots back to before the Spanish Colonization of the Americas. Many considered it to be a sacred drink that was only to be consumed by the privileged. It looks like mucus and authentic pulque has a viscous feel to it that would probably take some getting used to.

3. Palm Wine

Palm wine is only similar to pulque in the fact that it is also made from sap. Popular in regions of Asia and Africa, palm wine, also called toddy, is an alcoholic beverage made from the sap of myriad species of palm tree. Sap is extracted from the flower of the palm tree by cutting a hole and placing a container beneath collect it. Various cultures have different ways of preparing it and the alcohol level changes by region. In India, for example, fermented palm wine is called Kallu and is extremely sour and acidic. The taste gets worse as the day goes on and eventually the product begins to resemble vinegar more than a refreshing alcoholic drink.

4. Chicha

Also referred to as corn beer, Chicha has long been associated with the Incan people. Originally imbibed during ritual sacrifices and festivals, the drink is made by extracting sugar from corn, boiling it and fermenting it in large containers for many days. This process is surprisingly similar to the production of actual beer, without all the fancy equipment. Except for one glaring difference. The traditional way consists of chewing the corn and spitting the pulp into containers before fermentation.

5. Lizard, snake and scorpion wine

There really is not mystery to this strange drink. All it consists of is a giant bottle of rice wine or grain alcohol with lizards, snakes, scorpions or other creepy crawlies floating in it. In some Asian cultures they are lauded for their supposed medicinal properties and as aphrodisiacs. Poisonous snakes are preserved so the toxins dissolve into the liquor to give it an added kick.

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