In our new series, we’re sharing the creative ways hospitality workers are garnishing their drinks and the brands launching new and improved tools that help make drinks look good. Flowers make a great garnish. 

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This week, we are looking at floral garnishes for cocktails. After all, there is nothing more pleasing to the eye than a bright-colored flower-topped cocktail.

Floral garnishes can take a mediocre drink and give it a beautiful presentation. Flowers are naturally something that looks appealing. Adding a delicate or unique flower can not only make a drink look prettier, but they can give the drink flavor. The garnishes don’t have to strictly garnish; edible flowers add flavor as well. Once a flower sits on the cocktail, it will give the overall drink a light essence.

The Bluebonnet

The JL Bar Ranch created a cocktail that pays homage to their state flower: the Bluebonnet. Using a local flower in cocktails is a great way to source sustainably. The Bluebonnet is an indigo-hued flower, which originated the inspiration. Not only is the cocktail garnished with the flower, but the whole idea came from the flower. It’s a great way to look at nature and create something drinkable.

1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge offers a perfect summer cocktail using an edible flower. This is an example of how to add a fresh and lively component to a drink. Without a flower garnish, the cocktail would be lackluster. Adding the edible flower gives some texture and a pop of color. When creating summer cocktails at a bar, using flowers to add color can entice the guests. Edible flowers safe for cocktails are baby’s breath, chamomile, honeysuckle, hibiscus, angelica, and more.

Ginger Sage Smash

Katie Stryjewski runs a cocktail blog called Garnish. She recently launched a book called, Cocktails, Mocktails, and Garnishes from the Garden. It includes the basics of using edible gardening and how to create cocktails and mocktails. The book has recipes like this Ginger Sage Smash that uses beautiful edible flowers. She wants to inspire those to plant their own cocktail gardens to utilize. At your own venue, this could be a great way to build a sustainable cocktail. Having a small garden where you can take from for cocktail making can also mean experimenting with different flowers.