The eco-conscious rum maker received this recognition based on the Bilan Carbone® License.

Ron Barceló broke into the scene 88 years ago, receiving various accolades and recognition for being the only rum from the Dominican Republic distilled directly from the juice of fresh cut, estate grown sugar cane (and not from molasses); however, this year they add another “first” to their long list of achievements – the honor of being the first Rum to reach the carbon neutral status based on the Bilan Carbone License.

Conscious of growing climate change, Ron Barceló implemented several different measures to reduce its’ emissions, introducing the use of renewable energy (solar and biomass), as well as reusing and recycling manufacturing waste; both organic and inorganic. The plan for reducing emissions and the desire for a more sustainable product also foresaw the rethinking of some packaging materials based on eco-friendliness, giving preference to suppliers who recycle and who are situated closer to the rum maker’s distilling, aging and bottling operations.

Ron Barceló Rum, bottles on table

Ron Barceló Rum

To ensure its carbon footprint met the “green” requirements, the company’s production sites in the Dominican Republic were evaluated by using the Bilan Carbone method, which measures 1) direct emissions caused by energy consumption, waste disposal, transport for workers and raw materials, etc. 2) indirect emissions due to production and transport of raw materials: glass, cardboard, metal, plastic, etc. and 3) indirect emissions related to commercial distribution of products and their final disposal.

Ron Barceló’s unreducible emissions are neutralized through a global offsetting program that is registered and certified within the framework of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS). This program is made possible by the assignment of carbon credits derived from three different global projects – waste processing in Mexico, wind production in Honduras, and forestry conservation in the Amazon. By offsetting their emissions with these carbon credits, Ron Barceló promotes environmental protection through the use of clean technologies in other regions of the world.

Ron Barceló is available in more than 50 countries worldwide, is a leading brand in Spain and Chile, and continues to expand its superior quality rum around the globe. It is imported in the U.S. by Shaw-Ross International Importers of Miramar, Florida.

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