USA Today Readers Vote Prairie Organic Spirits, Known for Dedication to Organics, Sustainability and Green Initiatives, as the Nation’s Top Craft Vodka Distillery.

Prairie Organic Spirits has been named the Best Craft Vodka Distillery in USA Today’s “10 Best Readers’ Choice Awards.” The publication recognizes Prairie Organic’s commitment to organic ingredients and sustainable practices, as well as an unmatched distilling process that leads to Prairie Organic’s award-winning taste.

Prairie Organic’s vodkas and gin start with ingredients grown on local Minnesota organic family farms, free-from herbicides and GMOs. The spirits are distilled in Princeton, Minnesota in a custom built, small batch copper still and tasted by Guardians of Prairie, a group of employees who ensure each batch meets the brand’s exacting standards. The organic corn is distilled as many times as needed to produce Prairie’s unique flavor profile. Prairie Organic is also leading a company-wide initiative called OneTeam GREEN, which works to increase corporate sustainability practices such as reducing electrical usage, establishing better water sources, and promoting recycling within its facilities.

“We’re honored to be selected as the nation’s best craft vodka distillery. We work hard to create great-tasting vodkas and gin while at the same time improving our sustainable practices, protecting wildlife, and supporting our organic farmers. This recognition by USA Today’s readers reinforces that people truly value organic and brands like Prairie Organic that work to foster positive change for our planet.”
– Scott Meek, Prairie Organic’s Vice President of Marketing

Prairie Organic Spirits, bottle varieties

Prairie Organic Spirits

The 2018 Readers’ Choice Awards were developed in partnership with the editors of USA Today’s 10 Best. USA Today editors collaborated with a panel of experts to nominate the nation’s best craft vodka distillers, then left the rest to up to the readers.

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