After opening its doors two years ago in 2018, Phenomenal Spirits has secured distribution for its spirits brands in France, Denmark, Poland, and the U.K.

The company formally launched Ron Izalco 10 Year Rum in the U.S. in February 2020. The launch of Ron Izalco 15 Year Cask Strength Rum and Ry3 Whiskey Finished in Rum Cask quickly followed.

Phenomenal Sprits ultra-premium brands were distributed in the U.S. and have expanded to include California, Connecticut, Maryland, Delaware, Washington DC, Alabama, and Mississippi. There are aggressive plans for expansions in place for 2021.

Karthik Sudhir

Karthik Sudhir

Karthik Sudhir, the founder of Phenomenal Spirits, said, “I am confident that we have established a solid framework that will allow for continued growth and expansion in 2021 both in the US and abroad. In addition to successfully launching three spirits in 2020, we invested in building our own fully functional blending facility that allows us to control quality and consistency while achieving scale and operational efficiency. Our aggressive plans for 2021 include continued innovations that meet untapped consumer demand, distribution growth throughout the US, and global expansion to Asia and additional European markets. We are passionately committed to bringing our amazing portfolio of spirits brands and drinking experiences to new consumers around the world.”

Sudhir created the company with the intent of invoking phenomenal moments for phenomenal people. He wanted to make handcrafted, authentic, and exceptionally high-quality spirits to fill the gap in the spirits category. From the beginning, Phenomenal Spirits have been given numerous awards that prove their superior quality and craftsmanship.

To help accomplish his mission, he assembled a team of professionals, which included Master Blender, Matt Witzig. Witzig was the co-founder and Master Distiller of Joseph Magnus Distillery.

Sudhir added, “High-end spirits and rum connoisseurs are eager for new expressions that are complex yet beautifully balanced and fill an untapped need in their drinks repertoire. Ron Izalco 10 Year is a 43% ABV full-bodied rum that is less sweet than competitive offerings. It is straight-aged 10 years in ex-bourbon barrels utilizing Solera aging and perfectly suited for sipping or enjoying in high-end craft cocktails. Ron Izalco 15 Year Cask Strength is an unrivaled blend of Spanish-style rums straight-aged for a minimum of 15 Years & crafted with no sugars or additives.

It was created to provide connoisseurs with a pure and authentic rum drinking experience. RY3 Whiskey is an exquisite blend of 3 phenomenal whiskeys, 3 handpicked mash-bills, and 3 distinctive aged statements finished in vintage rum casks. RY3 Whiskey offers drinkers an unparalleled sipping experience of silky-smooth rye and layers of fruity and complex notes from the rum barrels.”