Champagne Palmer & Co has unveiled its new state-of-the-art, sustainably-designed, HQE (High Environmental Quality) certified winery in Bezannes, France, close to the House’s Grand and Premier Crus vineyards in the Montagne de Reims.

With a storage capacity of more than 2.1 million liters, the new facility was meticulously designed to ensure the highest quality and environmental standards, showcase Palmer & Co’s respect for sustainable development, and uphold the House’s passionate pursuit of excellence.

Palmer & Co Production, wine stills

Production Area

A complement to the original winery, the new venue will house Palmer & Co’s celebrated reserve wines, which are the foundation of the Palmer house style. Key design features of the new building include: Bioclimatic architectural design based on the local climate, including orientation to maximize natural light; Use of the natural slope of the land to facilitate gravity flow and to limit the need to manually handle the wines; Temperature and humidity control through techniques that consume minimal levels of energy; Water recycling through phyto-purification, or purifying water by channeling it through plant roots to remove contaminants; Use of LED lights to minimize energy consumption; and sowing of wildflower meadows surrounding the winery to aid biodiversity.

“This new site reflects Palmer & Co’s commitment to following the path of innovation and sustainable development. Every detail has been studied in depth to ensure that the building meets the highest quality and environmental standards.”
Rémi Vervier, Palmer & Co Managing Director and Oenologist

Palmer & Co Winery, facility view

Palmer & Co Winery

This philosophy remains aligned with Palmer & Co’s longstanding dedication to producing exceptional wines by employing a combination of avant-garde techniques alongside time-honored methods. For more than 70 years, Palmer & Co has been creating champagnes of exquisite harmony and consistency. With a majority of vineyards classified as Premier and Grand Crus in the Montagne de Reims, Palmer & Co embraces the aging time necessary for the wine to mature and develop their characteristic refinement and complexity. The following Palmer & Co champagnes are currently available in the U.S. market: Brut Réserve NV (SRP $60), Rosé Réserve NV (SRP $80), Blanc de Blancs NV (SRP $90), Vintage 2009 (SRP $125) and the soon-to-be released Vintage 2012.