Ole Smoky Distillery becomes the newest member of Responsibility.org, The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility.

This membership proclaims the distiller’s commitment to their trademark, “Shine Responsibly.”

Ole Smoky Moonshine Mason Jars

Ole Smoky Moonshine Mason Jars

Responsibility.org, founded in 1991, is a non-profit, independent, and national organization that is funded by distillers to eliminate drunk and impaired driving. They also want to eliminate underage drinking and empower adults to make responsible alcohol choices as part of a balanced lifestyle.

Founded in 2010, Ole Smoky became Tennessee’s first Legal Moonshine Distillery. Their roots go back to early settlers of the Smoky Mountains, where they craft their Moonshine & Whiskey spirits with care and pride.

While Responsibility.org can’t take full credit, drunk driving fatalities have decreased 34% since 1991 and lifetime alcohol consumption among our nation’s youth has decreased 48%. With the help of their members, they have played a role in helping to reach these historic low levels.

“Ole Smoky believes responsibility starts with each of us, and we are honored to join Responsibility.org’s membership of spirits producers who are united in their commitment to responsibility efforts,” said Robert Hall, CEO, Ole Smoky Distillery. “Today, we use our voice to encourage adults who wish to enjoy our products, to do so responsibly and safely, and the decision to join forces with Responsibility.org underscores the dedication of our organization and employees to continue advancing progress on these critical issues.”