Old Forester is launching new packaging for its 86 and 100 Proof expressions.

The updated package design borrows from the brand’s long history while presenting the same balanced and premium bourbon in a contemporized setting.

“Old Forester has been sold continuously in the United States for over 140 years and as the First Bottled Bourbon, we wanted to emphasize our rich history. This design utilizes some new and previously featured packing elements while ensuring an emphasis on those qualities that make this bourbon so special: where we are from, our enduring presence and certainly our rich color and flavor.”
– Campbell Brown, Old Forester President and 5th Generation Brown Family Member


Old Forester’s packaging changes includes a new glass shape, premium metal closure, enlarged founder’s statement on paper label, foil embellishments, refined lower label and premium glass punt.

“The Old Forester redesign evokes the brand’s historical packaging. The new glass structure has a slight taper with a shoulder embossed Old Forester Distillery and features the established date of 1870. This new design recognizes the longevity of the brand and reinforces Old Forester’s authenticity. The label shifts from a clear label to paper one with added greek key border that reflects early Old Forester designs with a modern execution.​”
– Chris Hungerford, Brown-Forman Vice President of Global Design


Old Forester in 1 Liter sizes will begin shipping in February and March, 2017. Shipments of 750ml sizes will ship in late Spring.

For more information, visit OldForester.com.