Add a spark to your National Moonshine Day with Ole Smoky Moonshine’s Lightnin’ Lemonade.

June 5th is National Moonshine Day, and the perfect time to mix up a cocktail to celebrate the tumultuous history of the spirit. Home distillers have been making Moonshine in the US for hundreds of years, and not always through legal means. During prohibition, Moonshiners ramped up production to provide to drinkers who were more eager than ever to get ahold of booze of any kind.

Today, Moonshine has gone mainstream (with better and more consistent quality, to boot) and makers are getting the chance to showcase how delicious and versatile it can be. Ole Smoky has been leading the way with Moonshine in hospitality. The line makes a range of flavored and traditional moonshine and recently launched a new bottle format to make it easier to use in bars.

Ole Smoky Lightnin' Lemonade

Ole Smoky Lightnin’ Lemonade

Ole Smoky Lightnin’ Lemonade


Preparation: Mix well in a glass over ice.  Garnish with a fresh lemon wedge and Ole Smoky Moonshine Cherries®.