Exploring new ways to give back to the bartending community, Chilled Magazine invited two Chilled 100 Members to create an inspired cocktail with the new, ultra-premium NEFT vodka. 

These mixologists received a barrel of NEFT. Yes, we said barrel because NEFT has a unique packaging that impresses even the most experienced spirits connoisseurs.  Founded by a petroleum engineer in search of a vodka truly worthy of sipping, NEFT’s heritage is evident in its packaging.

NEFT is a rye-based vodka that is quickly garnering widespread recognition. Using only four handpicked rye grains (Rapidly, Amato, Pollino, and Askari) NEFT has a smooth flavor with a subtly smoky-sweet finish.  In addition, NEFT uses only water sourced from arguably the purest water in the world: the Austrian Alps.  As a result, NEFT doesn’t require a demineralization process by reverse osmoses or dozens of distillations that its competitors must employ.  Instead, it uses patented filtration technology, requiring only three total distillations, without additives, softeners or stabilizer of any kind.

Check out these exploratory bartenders, their unique drinks, and what influenced these creations.

Roustabout cocktail



By Chris Morris, Chilled 100 Ambassador, Houston


  • 2 oz. NEFT Vodka
  • 3/4 oz. Velvet Falernum
  • 1/4 oz. Aveze Gentian Bitter
  • 1 barspoon of Banana Liqueur

Preparation: Pour all ingredients to a mixing glass. Add ice and stir 30-45 seconds until properly chilled. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with a clove-studded lime peel.

Chris Morris</a>, Chilled 100 Ambassador, Houston

Chris Morris – Chilled 100 Ambassador, Houston

“The Roustabout is the crewmember on larger and offshore oil rigs who handles smaller tasks such as painting and cleaning so the Roughnecks can focus on the bigger task at hand. Being from Southeast Texas, the oil industry is incredibly important to the economy and culture of my area, so I wanted to pay tribute to that with this cocktail. There’s a lot of precision and care that goes into the production of NEFT vodka, and I really wanted to highlight the mouthfeel with a simple, clean cocktail (using only four ingredients to denote the four rye grains used in the base spirit. The tropical flavors are a necessary distraction for the extremely hard day-to-day work of the rig life, and the gentian gives a slight bitter finish to highlight the hard work that goes into refining petroleum, and producing a quality spirit.”

The Spice of Life cocktail with package

The Spice of Life

The Spice of Life

By Alicia Walton, Chilled 100 Ambassador, San Francisco


  • 1 1/2 oz. NEFT
  • 1/2 oz. St. George Spiced Pear liqueur
  • 1/2 oz. Lo-Fi Sweet Vermouth
  • 1/4 oz. St. Agrestis Inferno Bitter
  • 1 dash Bitter Queens 5-Spice Bitters

Preparation: Stir all ingredients and pour over a large ice cube. No garnish necessary.

Alicia Walton, Chilled 100 Member, San Francisco

Alicia Walton – Chilled 100 Member, San Francisco

“Since NEFT is a 100% vodka, I played off the spice from the grain while adding a touch of sweetness with the pear and vermouth. The Inferno Bitter dries out the drink, while adding a hint of bitter. The 5-Spice bitters from Bitter Queens ties it all together. Cheers!”