A leading producer of all-natural rum has recently announced the newest expression they are bringing to the market.

MEZAN is bringing a new rum to the market. Chiriqui will be imported and distributed by Maruissa Beverages USA, founded in 1992. They are an importer of fine spirits, wines, and sakes.

The molasses-based rum is distilled in Panama, where the terroir and tropical climate are ideal for growing sugar cane. Not only does the distillery use and harvest its own sugar cane, but they also cultivate traditional yeast that preserves specific qualities of the rum. MEZAN Chiriqui is distilled in multi-column stills then aged in second-fill American white oak casks. The liquid gets finished in casks, previously used for Portuguese Moscatel.

MEZAN Chiriqui

MEZAN Chiriqui

MEZAN has been revealing the purest expression of Caribbean rums since 2012. They create natural and unaltered products using a pioneering approach that is in line with consumers valuing transparency. Creating products with no sugar or additives, MEZAN’s philosophy is to offer stand-out rums with a unique flavor profile. The labels are decorated with tropical plants that have been designed by indigenous Panamanian art. The point is to take the consumers on an exotic journey when drinking the rum.

The amber-colored rum has an elegant flavor that is backed by stone fruit and coconut aromas. The woody notes lead you to a spicy and peppery finish. Perfect to be drunk neat or in sophisticated cocktails, MEZAN Chiriqui is now available for purchase.