Jason Schladenhauffen, president and CEO of 375 Park Avenue Spirits, announced the appointment of the company as the exclusive U.S. importer for Maison Augier cognacs, effective July 1, 2019.

“We’re thrilled to be welcoming Maison Augier to the 375 Park Avenue Spirits family, and in doing so, adding another exceptional brand with a storied history to our ever growing stable of highly awarded brands,” Schladenhauffen said in a press release.

“The cognac category has experienced a tremendous resurgence over the last 5 years in the U.S. market, and we believe the Maison Augier brand is well positioned to help us capitalize on this growth given its distinguished roots and unique style.”

Maison Augier Singulier, bottle and glass, chalkboard

Maison Augier Singulier

Augier, the world’s oldest cognac house, was founded by wine merchant Philippe Augier in 1643 at the dawn of the reign of Louis XIV. Its history is one of extensive experimentation at a time when the region was just recognizing the potential of cognac’s eau-de-vie, from the discovery of local grapes and terroirs to testing new distillation methods. It was this approach of continuous research that enabled Augier to make high-quality cognacs that soon achieved recognition overseas.

Maison Augier Oceanique, bottle on white

Maison Augier Oceanique

In the 19th and early 20th centuries, the Augier House chose to limit production, becoming increasingly specialized in the trade for precious eau-de-vie. At that time, the House supplied France’s noble families and embassies abroad, including Marquis de Vaudreuil, governor of French Louisiana in the mid-18th century. Remarkably, during this time, Maison Augier was already guaranteeing the quality and traceability of its cognacs, attested by its centuries-old blending ledgers. The House’s integrity and ethics earned it the reputation as the “White House of Cognac,” known for its probity.

Maison Augier Singulier, bottle on white

Maison Augier Singulier

“I am delighted by this new partnership with 375 Park Avenue Spirits. Maison Augier has assembled a group of passionate people, from our master blender to winegrower partners with both creative flair and love of the terroir. Each one uses their knowledge and instincts to uncover the wealth and diversity of the Cognac appellation. This is precisely the ambition we share with our long-term partner 375 Park Avenue Spirits and the great mission we have set to achieve in the U.S.”
Bruno Gazaniol, Maison Augier Director

Maison Augier Sauvage, bottle on white

Maison Augier Sauvage

Beginning this summer, Maison Augier will be available nationally from 375 Park Avenue Spirits. The portfolio is an invitation to explore the Cognac region in all its wealth through three original expressions including L’Océanique, Le Singulier and Le Sauvage. Each is blended from a limited selection of eau-de-vie that are the product of a single grape, a single terroir and a distillation method tailored to match.