Longway Tavern sits in one of New Orleans’ oldest buildings and was once home to Roark and Mary Rose Bradford, two accomplished writers.

Back in those days, friends and notables—like William Faulkner and John Carroll of Zorro—often enjoyed a drink and snack at the Bradford home before heading home after a long day or evening in the Quarter. That tradition continues at Longway Tavern today, created as a “third place” for everyone living, working and playing in the French Quarter to grab a bite and a beer before heading off to another destination or to savor a nightcap when the party is winding down. Longway offers creative twists on nostalgic tavern fare from the comfort of its interior bar or the open-air courtyard. We chatted with owner Robert LeBlanc to learn more about the space and Longway Tavern’s most popular cocktails.

Robert LeBlanc, portrait

Robert LeBlanc

What are some of the most popular drinks and dishes?

Our most popular drinks are the Greeña Colada—our take on the Piña Colada incorporating Chartreuse—and our classic White Russian, which uses a traditional float of heavy cream. Our most popular dishes are our grits and coffee, calamari, and steak sandwich.

What would you like drinkers to know about the space? What can visitors expect?

While the space is well-appointed and our offerings are higher quality, Longway Tavern truly is a “come as you are,” everyday place where we want everyone to feel welcome. Everything is accessibly priced so people can join us frequently as opposed to on occasion, and there is always a touch of mischief in everything we do. We think eating and drinking should be both fun and communal.

What sets the space apart from others in the area? 

Longway Tavern is in a 220-year-old building that looks mid-century modern on the interior, making it a well-tailored spot with an amazing courtyard. However, we love dive bars, and Longway Tavern feels much closer to a great dive bar than a slick restaurant.