The ready-to-drink industry, or RTD’s as they are commonly referred to, has exploded in popularity, but “LIQS Cocktail Shots is the only brand producing a truly premium, premixed shot,” says owners Michael Glickman and Harley Bauer, who started the company back in 2014.

“We use top shelf spirits, real fruit juice and natural ingredients, while at the same time making it affordable and producing it fully in the United States.”

LIQS-Tequila-Cinnamon-Orange ready to drink shots chilling on ice

LIQS Tequila Cinnamon Orange

Inspired by the sights, sounds and cutting-edge vibe emanating from their New York City headquarters, these early RTD pioneers have created a cocktail shot that satisfies an array of palates and is perfect for any occasion. They offer five flavors, such as the classic Kamikaze or Lemon Drop, and more innovative recipes, like Tequila Cinnamon Orange and Vodka Lychee Grapefruit. LIQS even has a spicy Fireshot, a “cinnamon whiskey mixed with vanilla cream.”  The 20 percent alcohol by volume shots are also low calorie, low sugar and gluten-free, which falls in line with today’s health-focused consumer.

The beauty of an RTD premixed cocktail shot is that “you can either shoot it, sip it or pour it over ice.”  When asked where Michael and Harley like to enjoy LIQS, Harley said, “For Michael, it’s no doubt on his boat, entertaining friends.  For myself, it is on the beach and at BBQs. Being able to open up the ice cooler and have premixed shots ready to go is incredibly convenient!”

I enjoyed a Kamikaze on my porch. There’s something fun about ripping the top off a shot glass and shooting back a yummy cocktail.

LIQS Ready-to-Drink Shots, cute girl smiling with a cheers

LIQS Ready-to-Drink Shots

LIQS is now offering a larger pack at the request of both retailers and consumers, just in time for the busy summer season. Rather than the previous package of three shots, the new sleeves offer four 50ml shots at a suggested retail price of $8.99. Recognizing the importance of sustainability, LIQS plastic shot glasses are recyclable and reusable. The company manufactures its sturdy, BPA-free shot glasses from #1 PET plastic, the most widely recycled plastic in the world. With a simple soapy wash, the shots can be reused, preventing them from ending up in landfills and oceans. We’ll drink to that!