Introducing the Johnnie Walker Private Collection 2014 bottling. Only 8,888 were produced to share round the world.

The 2014 edition was the first in a once-a-year bottling, created by Master Blender, Jim Beveridge, the man who oversees all of Diageo’s famous whiskies with his team of talented blenders and master blenders.

The company describes this bottling as “a unique smoky blend of 29 casks selected by the Master Blender from his private reserves of bespoke experimental casks that have yielded whiskies of outstanding quality.”

JWS Private Collection 2014 Bottle and Box

JWS Private Collection 2014 Bottle and Box

Official Notes

Appearance: Deep amber

Nose: Malty with a hint of leather, slight waxy notes, sea breeze, sea salt and wispy, aromatic smoke

Palate: A luxurious mouthfeel with the vibrant notes of honey and raspberries underpinned by the richness and sweetness from the oak, giving way to the prominent smoky notes.

Finish: Smooth, with a long and lingering smokiness and a slight salty note.

JWS Private Collection 2014 Bottle

JWS Private Collection 2014 Bottle

Hugely enticing when you also consider it is explained as “a sophisticated expression of the smoky flavour characteristics from three whisky regions of Scotland: bold and peaty Islay smoke, fresh maritime island smoke and a sweet, subtle Highland smoke.” Further, that there are “intense vanilla and caramel and a dark rich, fruitiness”. Wood notes were also sought from a range of experimental casks, part of a study on the origins of wood effects on flavor to provide richness and depth. Sip it neat or with a drop of water. It’s bottled at 46.8% abv and is a true masterclass in blending.

It’s a must-have for the financially fortunate connoisseur Scotch Whisky drinker. This was made for sheer tasting pleasure. Diageo says that year-on-year this will build into a collectible series. Fair enough, but if you can afford a little series of them, get a few, then open, drink and compare.

Price: $795.00

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