Over 15 years ago, Neil Everitt and partners set out to create a gin that was different than anything else on the market.

Little did they know just how big Brockmans Gin would become.

The brand has loyal fans around the world because of the dedication to crafting a gin that is so smooth it could be drunk neat over ice. Brockmans Gin’s exquisite blend of 11 botanicals is what sets the brand apart from others. Co-founder Everitt has worked in the spirit industry for many years, and now his passion for the craft has allowed him to create something special.

We had a chance to speak with Everitt and learn a little bit more about him and Brockmans Gin.

Neil Everitt

Neil Everitt

Share a little about your background with us – what inspired you to build the company?

Hailing from the UK, I have always had a great passion for gin. Throughout my career, I have worked extensively in the global spirits industry in senior roles spanning every major spirit category across key markets around the globe. About 15 years ago my partners and I decided that the time was right to follow our passion and create a gin that is truly different. The goal was to go beyond just a gin revival but rather to set out to radically transform the category by creating a super-premium gin that is daring and distinctive and delivers a superior taste experience at all levels of the consumer trial and adoption process.

Any anecdotes about “best days on the job” you’d like to share?

Any day spent visiting on-trade venues with our distribution partners is always a great day. I love spending time with bartenders, who take the time to chat with you and make you feel welcome, whilst effortlessly performing their magic through time-honored rituals. Not only do I continue to learn so much, but they always make me reflect on how lucky I am to work in this wonderful industry. As we all know, many bars and restaurants are having a hard time at the moment and my heart goes out to them. Hopefully, things will pick up soon and we can all get back to enjoying our favorite tipples and bites served by this amazing community of inspiring professionals.

What’s your favorite way to enjoy Brockmans? What are your favorite flavors to mix with?

I enjoy Brockmans Gin in many ways. If pushed, my go-to is an “in and out” Brockman’s dry martini. The nose divulges the true character of the brand and how it is like no other. By adding a twist of lime, the 11 botanicals bloom highlighting the seamless marriage of berries, citrus, and coriander with the traditional gin flavors of juniper and angelica. Perfection! Next on my list would be a Brockmans Perfect Serve G&T with lots of ice and a twist of grapefruit peel and two or three blueberries, or a delicious Brockmans Negroni. There really isn’t a bad cocktail choice when mixed with Brockmans Gin.

What makes Brockmans Gin stand out from others on the market?

Brockmans Gin is crafted using a unique combination of 11 botanicals from around the world. The top note of Bulgarian coriander has an aromatic, gingery orange flavor, which marries beautifully with the softer, more rounded harmonies of blueberries and blackberries, and the bottom note created by juniper berries from Tuscany. This inspired combination, together with the dry, bittersweet peel of Valencian oranges, elongates the deeper tones and gives Brockmans an intensely smooth taste. But, it’s not just the product that sets Brockmans apart. Our holistic approach to marketing, including our stylish, tactile black glass bottle and distinctively different positioning captures the imagination of bartenders and consumers alike wherever Brockmans is available.

Brockmans Gin

Brockmans Gin

What is something that bartenders should know when they get a bottle of Brockmans in their hands?

Brockmans Gin creates imaginative cocktails that demonstrate two points: first, gin can be enjoyed throughout the year – it is not just a summer drink. And second, it is versatile: so smooth, it can be enjoyed over ice and so complex that, even with the simple addition of two of three other carefully selected ingredients, and the right garnish, it inspires a myriad of different styles and types of drink, each of them tasting complex due to the extraordinary notes that are naturally present in Brockmans. We want bartenders to experiment with our gin and have fun! We think they will be wonderfully surprised.

Brockmans has a unique recipe and list of botanicals. What inspired these flavors?

I wanted to create an exceptional, non-traditional gin that stands apart from the competition and truly appeals to a broader base of consumers than most other gins. After testing several different combinations and measures of botanicals, we selected the blend that we believe is the perfect “Gin Like No Other”. The key to our success has been getting our liquid to consumers’ lips. To taste is to believe!

Moving forward, what are the ways Brockmans is going to adapt to the new normal?

2020 was a challenging year for many in the drinks sector, including Brockmans Gin. At Brockmans, we have been fortunate in many ways. We are an independent company with one brand which has allowed us to be more flexible and adaptable than most. During the shutdowns, through resilience and creativity, we were able to shift our focus to helping feed our frontline healthcare workers and assist on-premise establishments to offer outdoor service to keep their doors open. Bartenders recognize that to lure customers back to their establishments in the future, they must serve drinks that taste delicious and are memorable. As we collectively emerge from this pandemic in 2021, we will maintain our strategy of always putting the consumer first and helping build repeat business for our on-premise partners.