Simone Missick, hailed by People Magazine as “One to Watch” last year, will be reprising her role on the second season of Luke Cage, which will launch June 22nd, 2018 on Netflix.

Simone made history last year as TV’s first African American female superhero “Misty Knight.” In season one, we only got to see her in her cop role, but in this upcoming season we will see her transform with her bionic arm. Simone also appears in The Defenders and Iron Fist as “Misty Knight.” Simone is starring in the indie film JINN which premiered at SXSW this weekend and won special recognition for Narrative Feature Competition for Writing.

Chillin' with Simone Missick, side view serious

Chillin’ with Simone Missick

Photo by Joe Chea

Tell us a bit about the projects you are working on.

I just wrapped work on season two of Marvel’s Iron Fist on Netflix. I immediately started work on that after we finished Luke Cage season two. And now I’m in an off-Broadway play, Paradise Blue, at the Signature Theatre until mid-June.

With your busy schedule, what do you like to do with your downtime?

I love to travel. Spending the majority of the year filming in New York means you have a good six months of winter! I love going to the Bahamas where I have family, or travelling to places I’ve never been before. This summer, I’ve got a big European trip planned.

When you go out to eat, where do you like to dine?

I’ve been vegan for eight months now, so I love finding great vegan restaurants. There are a few great ones in New York, like Blossom, Ladybird, and ABCV.

Chillin' with Simone Missick, yellow plaid dress

Chillin’ with Simone Missick

Photo by Joe Chea

What types of dishes do you usually order?

I love to try whatever is the specialty of the house. You can never go wrong with roasted veggies, but I love dishes that are interesting but don’t use fake meat. Mushrooms are amazing for that! And I’m also obsessed with the impossible burger.

Do you cook?

I love cooking! I used to cook every meal, but with my busy schedule it’s harder than it used to be. Now, I may get one or two meals prepared a week. Right now, I’m loving a homemade vegan Bolognese recipe, and oyster mushrooms fried like chicken!

What types of drinks do you order when out?

It depends on my mood. I tend to drink vodka or gin cocktails, so I love restaurants that have mixologists on staff crafting interesting specialty drinks. Or I will go with a glass of bubbles, and I’m not particular on the region, just as long as it’s crisp and light. Or I’ll order a vodka soda with lime.

Chillin' with Simone Missick, colorful blouse, covering bottom of face

Chillin’ with Simone Missick

Photo by Joe Chea

Do you prepare drinks at home?

Yes! When I do cook, I love making cocktails to go with the meal. My husband is a cognac drinker, so I perfected a Hennessy sidecar.

Do you own a home bar?

Yes! When we lived in LA, we had an actual wet bar, which felt a little like something from The Jeffersons, but it made drinking that much more fun. In our place in Brooklyn, we have a standalone bar. I’ve got every kind of snifter, goblet, champagne flute, and wine glass you could ever need.

What is your home bar stocked with?

We were able to travel to the Hennessy distillery in Cognac, France, so we have a few interesting bottles that you can’t get in the States. And we also have various wines from our travels, as well as bottles people bring us from out of town. My girlfriend brought me back a really cool cachaça from Brazil that I can’t wait to try.

What is your favorite drink/cocktail?

I’ve got two: Vodka Gimlet and a Gin Rickey.

Have you ever been a bartender?

I used to cocktail waitress in LA, and from time to time I would hop behind the bar to make a few drinks. I always enjoyed that more than waitressing, but never tried it out long term.

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