The best bartenders in Beantown got together last week at Brass Union, a bar housed in the historic Union Square Police Station.

Expertly crafted food and cocktails, nightly music, and a collection of nostalgic games round out this subterranean hideaway.

Paul Mathes, New England division manager for Shaw-Ross International Importers graciously familiarized the Chilled 100 members with brands like Fifty Pounds Gin, Boltran and Pusser’s Rums, Glengoyne, Cardenal Mendoza and Liquore Strega.

Thanks to Paulo Pereira, Brass Union general Manager and Chilled 100 member, Max Ferro, Chilled magazine marketing manager and Chilled 100 national director, and Shaw-Ross International Importers for a great night!

“Our Boston Chilled 100 Ambassadors are an exceptionally talented group of individuals. It is often hard for bartenders to all get together, as they’re busy working shifts on the same nights. Events such as the Chilled 100 Roundtable spark an amazing opportunity, as they allow for networking and dialogue to be shared that will help our industry to grow.”
– Max Ferro, Chilled Magazine Marketing Manager and Chilled 100 National Director

Chilled 100 bartenders in attendance included Paulo Pereira, Melinda Johnson, Tainah Soares, Troy Clarke, Ruben Cardoza, Owen Wolfertz, Tenzin Samdo, Clairessa Chaput, Patrick Brewster, and Sam Kontny.

“It truly was a pleasure to host the Chilled Magazine Boston Roundtable at Brass Union this year. It was an incredible opportunity to get so many amazing minds together in one spot and converse about wide-ranging topics that affect us all. Unfortunately we rarely get a chance to have such discussions with our peers, but thanks to Chilled Magazine, we were able to do so. It was a fun night with amazing people, good food, and good cocktails; what more could I ask for?”
– Paulo Pereira, Chilled 100 Member & GM at Brass Union