As restaurants across the country begin to re-open and consumers start to feel more comfortable going out, bars and restaurants should be ready to take full advantage.

After so long staying home, consumers are craving hospitality. One of the many ways that the industry can make the most of this is to offer and advertise interesting specials.

Make It Memorable

Make the most of weirder holidays – did you know that March 6th is National Oreo Cookie Day? Or that April 2nd is National Peanut Butter & Jelly Day? There’s a national day or celebration for almost everything, making it a perfect way to bring out your cocktail creativity and bring in customers. Everyone needs a little extra reason to celebrate this year, making use of these holidays can help bring in customers and extra revenue. This can also help your restaurant stand out – nearly everyone has a happy hour and daily specials, having something different to offer will help draw extra attention.

Make It Visible

One of the biggest benefits of using national holidays and celebrations to plan your specials is that it gives you some room to plan in advance. Most everyone is using social media like Instagram and Facebook to promote their specials but planning in advance gives you a chance to do more. Many cities and departments of commerce have calendars and newsletters for special events and programs, you can use these to your advantage to bring in more attention.

Make it Shareable

Once you have customers in, incentivize the specials! Having a Happy Hour is a classic, but why not make it more useful. Consider offering a special or discount for anyone who tags your restaurant/bar on social media. There are few marketing methods more effective than word of mouth and incentivizing a review or post can help spread the word.

Customers enjoying a round

Customers enjoying a round

Photo by drew-beamer