Summer is in full swing, and we’re looking for the best ways to keep things fresh as the temperatures rise.

Last month saw no shortage of great new spirits to try this season, whether you’re into mixing a tropical rum libation or in the mood for a summer-ready Martini. Here are five new spirits that you need to try this month.

Ten To One Rum ($29–$42)

This newly launched Caribbean rum line is the brainchild of Trinidadian native Marc Farrell, who was formerly Starbucks’ youngest vice president. The beautiful white rum clocks in at 90 proof and has flavors of lemon zest and white flowers with a richly funky, grassy finish. The dark rum is a blend of column still Domincian, Trinidadian, and Barbados rums—as well as pot still Jamaican rum—that brings flavors of baked apples, vanilla, and ripe bananas to the palate. Both Ten To One Rum expressions taste wonderful when sipped neat or mixed into cocktails.

Ten To One Rum, bottle on white

Ten To One Rum

Trincheri Vermouth ($25)

Trinchero Family Estates, which is the world’s second-largest family-owned winery, has just launched two new vermouths to pay homage to its family history. Both the Dry and Rosso Trincheri Vermouth are based on the original family recipe from the 1890s and are infused with Roman Artemisia, cinchona bark, and other spices and fruits that have been cold macerated for a month. The resulting vermouths are gorgeous and smooth, perfect for mixing up your favorite iteration of the Manhattan or Martini.

Trincheri Vermouth, bottle on white

Trincheri Vermouth

Tattersall Single Malt Whiskey ($50)

We love Minneapolis-based Tattersall Distilling because it makes everything from fernet to absinthe, and each expression is more delicious than the next. This summer, the brand launched its latest limited edition bottling, Tattersall Single Malt Whiskey, in collaboration with Top Chef season 16 contestant chef Justin Sutherland. The blend consists of three different single malts—mesquite-smoked (60 percent), applewood-smoked (30 percent) and chocolate-malted (10 percent)—that were each aged for more than two years in Minnesota white oak barrels. The result is a smoky spirit with sweet apple and chocolate notes that’s reminiscent of a summer barbecue.

Tattersall Single Malt Whiskey, bottle on bar

Tattersall Single Malt Whiskey

Denizen Vatted Dark Rum ($30)

This delicious new spirit is a celebration of Guyana’s rum tradition and is perfect for mixing into cocktails. Denizen Vatted Dark Rum combines dark rum blended in the old vatted style (originally formulated for the British Navy in the mid-18th century) with vegetal rhum agricole from Martinique. Together, these rums create an intensely flavorful spirit with notes of glazed peaches, bright star fruit, grassy green plantains, and a finish bursting with baking spices. Try mixing it with lime juice, maraschino liqueur, and cola for an elevated version of the classic Cuba Libre.

Denizen Vatted Dark Rum, bottle on white

Denizen Vatted Dark Rum

Crown Royal Noble Collection French Oak Cask Finished ($60)

Crown Royal is celebrating summer with its own limited edition expression, housed in a bottle that’s as beautiful as the spirit itself. Crown Royal Noble Collection French Oak Cask Finished is rested in oak casks sourced from France’s Vosges region, which is known to impart rich flavors of vanilla and baking spices into whisky. After harvesting, the wood is open-air seasoned for two years before it undergoes two-step fire roasting. The resulting whisky carries dark notes of caramel, vanilla, and red fruit that is perfect for sipping neat or on the rocks.

Crown Royal Noble Collection French Oak Cask Finished, bottle on white

Crown Royal Noble Collection French Oak Cask Finished