LeSin Vodka is an ultra-premium brand that is mastering the French art of seduction. Here are some interesting (and sexy) concepts the brand incorporates during production.

First off, LeSin is triple distilled from deluxe winter wheat and crisp artesian spring water that is filtered through limestone, which is considered the ‘Champagne of natural filtration.’ Well, that sounds pretty sexy. The company has developed the perfect environment for filtration, which Charles Vaughn, founder of LeSin Vodka says, “Optimizes the wheat and water characteristics that pave the way for a smooth, luxurious, and alluring experience.” Also, there is no sugar added at any point in the process. Getting sexier.

LeSin Vodka Brand Ambassador

LeSin Vodka Brand Ambassador

What’s more, the brand has mastered the art of elevating temperatures at every level of distillation. “Much like you can cook a great piece of steak too fast and end up with rough, dry meat,” explains Vaughn, “If you’re not select and careful with how you distill vodka, you could end up with an aggressive burning product that is not very pleasant to consume.” Patience in the distillation process works hand in hand with the brand’s ultimate goal to produce vodka from the purest ingredients in France. Ultimately filling the vodka with luxury, romance, sophistication and sexiness.

Still, while seductive terms aren’t usually associated with vodka, Vaughn says, “Our French heritage lends itself perfectly to being sexy.” He acknowledges the bottle has a subtle hourglass design, and everything is made in France, including the silk labels, which are elegant and understated. Now that’s sexy.

LeSin Vodka, bottle on grey with martini

LeSin Vodka

Furthermore, LeSin Vodka inspires bartenders to mix signature vodka cocktails in a new and tantalizing way: Based on the seven deadly sins, the company updated the original misdeeds to—seduction, indulgence, luxury, demureness, passion, desire, and vanity—The Seven Deadly LeSins, which serve as inspiration for signature cocktails being designed by leading bartenders all over the world. Vaughn recommends bartenders pair LeSin Vodka with natural and organic fruits, berries, and juices when developing cocktails. He points out that, “the natural softness and earthly sweetness paves the way for a smooth finished product.”

The experience will seduce the senses.

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About LeSin Vodka
One goal: Crafting the best vodka from the purest ingredients in France – deluxe wheat and Gensac spring water.  A patient distillation process yields a smoothness and texture epitomizing the luxury, romance, sophistication, and sexiness of France.  From our distillery in Cognac, France to every bottle in the world, this one goal will always be our priority. LeSin Vodka is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada.