noble-vines-postNoble Vines, producer of sustainably-made wines from California, has partnered with Random Acts, a non-profit organization that aims to conquer the world one random act of kindness at a time. This season, Noble Vines aims to spring the “Noble” in Noble Vines into community action with #NobleActs, a socially-charged viral campaign designed to inspire a chain of 20,000 random acts of kindness one act for every dollar of Noble Vines’ $20,000 donation to Random Acts.

“Through the #NobleActs campaign, we hope our fans will discover how easy it is to foster change in the world through simple acts of kindness,” said James Ewart, Winemaker, Noble Vines. “Whether it’s telling loved ones how much they mean to you or volunteering in your local community, any act of kindness – big or small – can spark a chain reaction that will inevitably have a positive impact on at least one person and lead to a life filled with more enriching experiences.”

With the intention of inspiring 20,000 acts of kindness through the end of 2014, fans are encouraged to share their own #NobleActs with the world through Noble Vines’ social media, as well as their own social media pages. To amplify the campaign, Noble Vines has launched a Random Acts of Kindness Generator, a digital and mobile interactive platform to share kindness and get inspired.

“The #NobleActs initiative will further support our core mission of funding and inspiring acts of kindness around the world by reaching a new audience that is already invested in creating rewarding life experiences,” said Cinde Monsam, Executive Director, Random Acts. “Noble Vines’ generous donation will help fund countless random acts and spread the word about how important kindness is to our society today.”

Noble Vines employees around the country are participating in their own acts of kindness. Noble Vines staff across the country plan to work with local food banks, charitable organizations and firefighters to help demonstrate how the power of giving can make a big impact in their own communities.

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