Story Behind the Wine

Its creation is contemporary like that of Nouvelle Cuisine. Similar to this lighter, purer way of preparing food, Laurent-Perrier Ultra Brut appears without make-up, in its natural form. It is a brut nature champagne, that is, with no dosage, and making it requires considerable know-how. Its style appeals to a growing number of wine-lovers who discover with it many new ways of enjoying champagne.


Grape varieties*: chardonnay 55%, pinot noir 45%.
Crus*: made exclusively from grapes from very ripe harvests and blended from fifteen crus or villages with an average rating of 97%.

Wine making and aging

Bunch selection is rigorous, to ensure that only the grapes with high sugar levels and low acidity are retained. These conditions are necessary to create a finished champagne that has the required balance without any dosage. The aging is long, lasting for at least four years.

Tasting notes

Aspect: very pale and crystal-bright in colour.
Aroma: intense and complex on the nose, with a wide range of aromas, including citrus and white fruit and flowers, such as honeysuckle. The combined effect gives off an impression of freshness, much like ocean air.
Taste: airy and delicate, yet surprisingly long. Floral and fruit flavours combine with mineral notes to give a wine that is pure without being austere. The finish is long and leaves the palate clean.


Serve between 8°C and 10°C. Its delicate finish, which leaves the palate fresh, and its subtle balance make this the most versatile champagne in Laurent-Perrier’s range. Its capacity to bring out flavours in food makes it ideal from apéritif to dessert. This champagne pairs well with caviar or foie gras, seafood or oysters – and even accompanying a cigar at the end of a meal.

*Exact proportions may vary slightly from one cuvée to another. They are shown here as a guideline.


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