Some spirits are an indulgence worth investing in, and NOLET’S Reserve Gin is among one of the finest examples.

Crafted over a period of four decades, NOLET’S Reserve is an incredibly complex and intense gin like nothing else on the market. We caught up with the brand to learn more about this dynamic spirit.

What inspired the creation of NOLET’S Reserve Gin?

Inspired to create a gin like no other, NOLET’S Reserve Gin is the personal creation of Carolus Nolet Sr., tenth generation owner of the Nolet Distillery. NOLET’S Reserve captures the aromas of a variety of spices and botanicals, allowing for an intense, layered and long-lasting finish. “NOLET’S Reserve is a gin that is unbelievably complex in its character. It is something my father wanted to leave behind as a legacy of his 50 years of distilling experience. He aimed to create a product that we believe is the best tasting gin in the world. This is his masterpiece” says Carl Nolet, Jr.

The recipe for this exceptional gin has been perfected over four decades – can you share a little about the process of creating such a masterpiece?

In Carolus Sr.’s own words, NOLET’S Reserve is “a gin of unprecedented excellence that builds on our family’s rich history.” Every batch of NOLET’S Reserve is distilled and bottled at Nolet Distillery in Schiedam, Holland, using a recipe perfected over four decades by Carolus Sr.

NOLET’S Reserve Gin is crafted with a secret botanical base reflecting over 330 years of experience. Each botanical is individually macerated and then distilled using the custom Distilleerketel #19, allowing for a precise and an intense expression of its characteristics. The signature botanicals found in NOLET’S Reserve are far too delicate to survive traditional distillation. A premiere French flavor house, long partnered with the Nolet family, captures the essence of each, and delivers the precious liquids to the Nolet Distillery. The separately distilled signature botanicals are infused and blended in steel tanks in a carefully conceived order creating something complex, and masterful. The spirit rests for days, allowing the heady aromas and flavors to marry. Carolus Sr. personally tastes and approves every batch of NOLET’S Reserve Gin before it is bottled.

Can you share a little bit about the choice of saffron and verbena as the signature botanicals?

Botanical ingredients define the character of a gin. For centuries, that character has been dominated by juniper berries: piney, prickly, bitter. The Nolets didn’t care for the juniper‐heavy taste of classic gins; they wanted to challenge themselves, and the industry, with a new expression of the spirit’s potential. Carolus Sr. was gently coaxing an idea that had been growing  in his imagination for forty years. Eventually, he found the ideal botanical expression for that silken luxury: warm and spicy saffron (the most expensive botanical in the world), and exquisite verbena (an herb known for its delicate citrus flavor and soothing nature). Carolus Sr. combined the two fragile ingredients with a selection of classic botanicals. The recipe that resulted represents the ambition of his lifetime: NOLET’S Reserve Gin.

For you, what’s the ideal way to enjoy NOLET’S Reserve Gin this holiday season?

NOLET’S Reserve is the quintessential sipping gin. According to Carolus, Sr., “The Reserve is a gin for celebrating moments, whether those entail reflecting on one’s day, relaxing by the fire or simply taking a well-deserved break. Of course, you can also choose to share this moment with cherished friends – but in my opinion, with all its layers and complexities, NOLET’S Reserve is best enjoyed in quiet solitude.”

Carl Jr. shares, “I like to drink NOLET’S Reserve in times of self-reflection, which often happens during the holidays; those times where you ask yourself questions like, ‘What have I accomplished?’, ‘What do I still want to accomplish?’, ‘How do I become a better husband, father, and businessman?’”

Please share any quotes or fun facts about the brand.

NOLET’S Reserve bottles are released in limited quantities annually at the discretion of Carolus Sr. Elegant and striking, the bottle for NOLET’S Reserve Gin is made from thick, dark glass to protect the precious liquid and botanicals inside. The family’s heritage is proudly displayed through the crest on the metal cap, and the lineage of ten generations is showcased along the sides of the bottle. Each bottle is individually numbered by hand and adorned with Carolus Sr.’s signature. NOLET’S Reserve is presented in a gold gift box and accompanied by a brochure that explains the gin’s heritage.