The Chilled 100 tour is back, and Wendy is off to St. Augustine, Florida.

Odd Birds kindly hosted the event for the Chilled 100 dinner. The chef came out and spoke on each dish that was served and how they paired with the cocktails, making it more of an experience. Wendy and the members of the Chilled 100 took the town after to socialize in downtown St. Augustine.

Big 5 Rum Cheers

Big 5 Rum Cheers

St. Augustine/Jacksonville group member, Kate Carpenter, said, “The chilled 100 dinner was an amazing experience. Gathering with other industry professionals while experiencing new products that are making a wave in the cocktail world is invaluable. The group was able to discuss how to better our industry and dissect hot topics during a time where everything is changing. I am thankful for being invited and I am excited to see what future events the Chilled 100 will host.”

During the dinner, the group talked about hospitality side of bartending. Teaching each other the importance of safety, like protecting female patrons.

“A wonderful event, Eddie was awesome to us and informative on the spirits. I liked being welcomed by the spritz to get the bubbles flowing in my glass and in myself. I felt that the essence was inviting, and it drank with a refreshing finish that had me sipping for more! I was very happy to be introduced and invited to the chilled 100 dinner, it made me feel like the community of service industry gained a bit more strength, especially in a place where the community is already strong.

I was very pleased by all the spirits Blue Ridge brought for us, also pleased with how well the chilled 100 everything had set up for us. Wendy was very helpful, getting everyone the proper intel to stay in the know and what it is the 100 can do to better our views and development in the realm of cocktails. I can’t wait to see what else is in store and look forward to opening myself to the resources the chilled 100 have to offer, thank you Wendy,” says Gavin Shoemo, St. Augustine/Jacksonville Chilled 100 Member.

Blue Ridge Spirits put together a great night for the members. They offered their Rum Cafecito, with notes of tobacco, clove, and a bitter chocolate finish.

Kelley Fitzsimonds, St. Augustine/Jacksonville member added, “I thought it was a wonderful event, so nice to meet you in person. Our local cocktail community is a fantastic group, and it was such a pleasure to get a chance to catch up with all of them. Pre-COVID-19 we would have competitions and get together on a monthly basis and I had not realized how much I missed this group of people! Thank you so much for bringing us all together.”