Welcome back to the Chilled 100 Tour. Wendy is off to Tampa. 

The event was hosted by Quintessential brands, where they provided four different cocktails for the Chilled 100 to try. This included a Greenall’s Blueberry-Basil Fizz, Puttin’ on the Ritz, a Bunny in the Blue Moon, and lastly a neat pour of the Dubliner Honeycomb Whiskey.

Wendy Hodges Tampa

Wendy Hodges Tampa

“I have to say what an amazing night! I met some great bartenders in the area and the drinks… Amazing! Making connections with other professional bartenders, it was worth the drive up from Naples/Ft. Myers Beach. Everyone has a passion for upping our game behind the bar and learning new techniques, it was the perfect group. I think my favorite cocktail of the evening was this made with Greenall’s Blueberry Gin. It was a perfect pairing with the sashimi. So crisp and refreshing. The Dubliner Honeycomb Whiskey was a great end to our evening,” said Susan Cousins, Tampa’s Chilled 100 member.

The featuring brands of the event were Greenall’s Gin, Greenall’s Blueberry Gin, and the Dubliner Whiskey. Taking place at the Copper Shaker in St. Petersburg, the chef, and mixologist, Juya Ebrahimi created delicious food and cocktails. They all paired perfectly with the spirits from Quintessential.

Chilled 100 member, Julia Melucci added, “I was so honored to be included in the Chilled 100 dinner for Tampa Bay! Aside from the camaraderie, I loved the way the dinner was coursed and paired. My favorite course was the Puttin’ on the Ritz cocktail with Oysters 3 Ways. Honestly, all of the cocktails were outstanding. I’m not usually a big Irish Whiskey kind of gal, but I can now say hands-down that my favorite is the Dubliner Irish Whiskey. The honey finish in that just speaks to my soul! Gatherings like this are such a good learning and growth experience for everyone in our industry. New products are introduced to the market daily and we all have specific tastes, so what better way to expand your palate than to surround yourself with like-minded industry professionals. Aside from all of the good, drinks, and fun, the highlight of my evening was learning to ballroom dance with Wendy in a dive bar while wearing our matching beanies. I look forward to every Chilled opportunity in days to come.”

Tommy Hubbard, also part of the Tampa market added, “I enjoyed the dinner because each drink paired very well with the accompanying course. The drinks progressed with the meal starting with light and refreshing with the amuse-bouche, to spirit forward with the main course and ending with a neat pour of whiskey to cap the night with dessert. The Chilled dinner was much appreciated as the Tampa Bay area expands its craft cocktail scene.”