Where’s Wendy is back and she’s in Palm Beach.  

Due to rain, the dinner was moved inside but they were able to enjoy an outside tasting before. The dinner took place at Crosby Kitchen in Jupiter, Florida. The night ended with a raffle and an open bar.

“It was so needed. I networked with all of the people at that dinner, met new friends and old. Appreciated the opportunity to try out a new venue I’d never been to, try new food, and of course, the vodka and tequila didn’t hurt either,” says Palm Beach Chilled 100 member, Melissa Smith.

Monkey in Paradise hosted the event and guests were able to choose between a cocktail using the vodka or one of the Blue Nectar Tequila expressions.

Angela Dugan, Chilled 100 member, added, “It was such a breath of fresh air to see industry folks that I haven’t seen, much less got to hang out within so long. We are all in the grind together, so it was so nice to connect, laugh, and share a drink together. The Monkey in Paradise Vodka and Blue Nectar Tequila are great products and brands. It was nice to hear their stories and sample the Tequila line in its entirety.

Earlier this year, the owners of Monkey in Paradise purchased the Blue Nectar Premium Tequila brand. A farm to bottle tequila from the fields of the distillery in Mexico

“It was great seeing other industry leaders all enjoying some quality cocktails, dinner and education together on a well-deserved night off while learning more about some familiar brands and not so familiar brands that we wanted to taste and learn more about after the dinner,” said Chilled 100 member, Rob Husted.