A new year is here and that means it’s time to speculate on what will be next in the bartending industry.

To answer that question, we asked our talented team of Chilled 100 bartenders to see what they predict we’ll be seeing more of. Cognac, sustainability, the continuation of Low/No ABV drinks and the proliferation (for unknown reasons) of Malort!

Bartender Trends for 2022

Bartender Trends for 2022

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“I think you will see tiki continue to grow and a lot of bars having N/A Cocktails and beverages. The growing amount of people that do not drink will have access to more options and be able to enjoy the scenes of different establishments while continuing to not drink.”

– Marshall Moore


“Cognac is trending right now and I think we are going to see more of this spirit replacing others in classic cocktails. I also think we are going to see a bigger focus on craft non-alcoholic drinks as well as sustainability. All really great things!”

– Dani Keenan


“I expect to see the non-alcoholic and low ABV categories continue to progress. There were plenty of new brands emerging this year, and a few have more products to launch in 2022. Mindful consumption is more prevalent now than ever, which gives us creators new opportunities. It is an exciting time to be behind a bar!”

– Jonathan Stanyard


“Mules, espresso martinis, low abv bevs, moves away from syrups as the sole way to add flavor to things, companies not replenishing stocks to save money and saying supply chain/covid is the reason.”

– Peter Hannah


“I think we may see more businesses coming up that will actually do it right, give your employees breaks, food if possible, and benefits that is if they actually listen to the people of the hospitality industry. I also can see more canned cocktail variations coming into the fray.”

– David León Jr.


“Lower abv cocktails but also attempting to keep sugars lower as well than their fruity juice filled predecessors. The espresso martini rages on so perhaps more work with tea cordials.”

– Nicole Salicetti


“More bars and patrons caring more about sustainability especially with agave spirits. More N/A bevs on menus.”

– Danny Castanuela


“Malort being everywhere 🤦🏻‍♀️”

– Cory Clavet


“Classic riffs. There’s a lot of young bartenders entering the industry right now so I think our particular market is going to continue with the shift towards classics as they become accustomed to the classic drink formulas.”

– Mariangela Urquizo


“I think there is a real emphasis back on gathering with your group. I think in 2022 we’re going to see a lot more businesses wanting to throw team building events for staff and a lot more socialization. I think you’ll also see a lot of the brand money shift back to on-premise as they remind the bean counters that they still actually have to build brands.”

– Jeremy Johnson