Copper Pot & Column Stills to Distill Up to 8 Million Bottles of Irish Whiskey Annually.

Leading US importer Palm Bay International and family owned Walsh Whiskey Distillery, producers of the ultra-premium Irishman brand whiskies and cordials, are delighted to announce a significant step in the development of what is set to be one of the largest independent whiskey distilleries in Ireland with the arrival of three giant copper pot stills and column stills that will serve as the prime engines in the distillation of up to 8 million bottles of premium, craft, Irish whiskey annually.

Walsh Whiskey Distillery Welcomes Arrival of Giant Whiskey Pots

Walsh Whiskey Distillery Welcomes Arrival of Giant Whiskey Pots

There to greet the convoy as it arrived at the 18th century estate were Bernard and Rosemary Walsh, (the founders of Walsh Whiskey) and their family, company employees and the community of the small village of Royal Oak which has been very supportive of the $28 million project since it was announced in 2013. The whiskey distillery is the first to be developed in Carlow and the south-east in 100 and 200 years respectively.

Weighing between four and six tons each and scaling up to 21 feet in height, the largest of the pot stills will have a capacity of 4,000 gallons. Both of whiskey’s main ingredients, water and barley, will be in plentiful local supply from the surrounding barley-growing farms and the Barrow Valley Aquifer, a massive natural underground reservoir.

The distillery will be unique as the only distillery in Ireland to produce all three types of Irish whiskey in one still house, namely – pot, malt and grain. The distillery is slated for completion in early 2016.

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About Walsh Whiskey Distillery
Established in 1999 by husband and wife, Bernard and Rosemary Walsh, and located on the 18th century Royal Oak estate by the River Barrow in County Carlow, the Walsh Whiskey Distillery Company is a leading independent producer of super-premium and ultra-premium, triple-distilled, craft, Irish whiskies. Led by founder Bernard Walsh, and with a strong board of industry veterans, the company has built a portfolio of international award winning drinks brands. In the United States, these include a range of four Irish whiskies under The Irishman, the Hot Irishman Irish coffee and The Irishman Irish Cream liqueur. Demand for the critically acclaimed Irishman brands currently exceeds supply in the 36 countries they are distributed to worldwide.