Votto Vines, an award-winning, rapidly expanding wine importer and marketer, has kicked off 2015 with the honor of being named by Forbes as one of America’s Most Promising Companies.

VINǎǎGO Wines

VINǎǎGO Wines

Photo Courtesy of Votto Vines

In addition to earning a spot on the Forbes list, Votto Vines CEO Mike Votto was selected as one of only three CEOs in the United States to attend a Forbes private summit at the Aileron Campus in Ohio this past December, as part of the 2015 Most Promising Companies coverage.

The Forbes selection process involves an analysis of privately-held companies’ growth rates, operating margins, capital raised, product ideas, management and other factors such as market size and key partnerships.

“We are extremely proud and humbled to be recognized by Forbes as one of the most promising companies in America. First and foremost, it is a testament to the strategic partnerships that we have developed with leading wholesalers and retailers who continue to drive our growth and success,” noted Chairman & CEO Mike Votto.

In 2015, Votto Vines plans to continue its innovative and entrepreneurial approach to the wine and spirits industry with the release of VINǎǎGO, a new line of single-serve wines launching this winter in the Northeast and Southeast before expanding nationally. VINǎǎGO aims to expand the boundaries of traditional wine consumption while maintaining the quality and values wine drinkers crave. Packaged in a 100% recyclable, easy-open, 187ml plastic design, VINǎǎGO combines convenience with sustainability in appealing, unbreakable packaging; the vacuum seal process guarantees a one-year plus shelf-life. VINǎǎGO will launch with three popular varietals, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Moscato; at $2.99 or less per serving, each wine drinker can affordably enjoy his or her favorite wine in any setting without having to decide on one style for the whole group. A rose will be released in Spring 2015 to welcome the warmer weather.

“The single-serve category has been growing very rapidly of late, and we think we’re uniquely positioned to offer a significant value proposition by introducing high-quality European wines to the US market,” says Senior Vice President of Sales Jeremy Jerome.

The first-ever wine importing company to make the INC 500 list of America’s fastest growing companies, Votto Vines’ credits its success to its strong industry partnerships and relationships with leading boutique vineyards around the world. The single-serve category is just one of several burgeoning wine and spirit categories that the progressive company will be exploring in 2015.

For more information about this family-owned business, please visit VottoVines.com.