Who will make the next Van Gogh Masterpiece Cocktail?

Van Gogh Vodka’s revolutionary competition is coming to a dramatic head live on October 25th at 5 pm. This competition marks the first time that at-home bartenders could participate side by side with bartenders. After six weeks, three finalists from each category were picked to compete live in the Grand Final.

Judges for the Professional Bartender contributions include; The Cocktail Guru, Jonathan Pogash, and Chilled Media Publisher, Jeff Greif. Frank Russen, Principle Gallery, Charleston, SC, will be judging the Home Bartender contributions.

The finalists’ stakes are high: the home bartender winner will receive a grand prize of $1500. The professional bartender winner will receive a grand prize of $2500 alongside a $1000 donation to the charity of their choice.

With over 200 entries to the Home Bartender and over 100 entries to the Professional Bartender categories, the competition was fierce. Congratulations to the six finalists, each crafted a unique and beautiful entry.

Professional Bartender Finalists

  • Maxwell Berlin – Kyoto Red Light
  • Kay Mohamed – Golden Hour
  • Alexandra Koblan – Le Havre Cooler

Home Bartender Finalists 

  • Briana Lark – Sonnet 73
  • Adam Bauer – Vanilla Espresso Affogato
  • Shelby Stange – I Like Your Peach Fizz

Join us Sunday, October 25th at 5pm for the Grand Final!

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